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Mass Formation, WWII, Climate, Witches and sceptics.

I have formerly developed the idea that the information revolution was going to have/now having profound effects on our society, and seeing that happen with covid, I have likened it to being akin to what happened in WWII Germany: mass … Continue reading

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The end of St.Greta Thunderpants?

Well it was fun while it lasted. We sceptics watched as a lot of gullible people, media and politicians fell for the puppydog eyes of a mentally challenged child who is such a control freak: she insisted they [her parents] … Continue reading

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The future of academia

A few years ago before my son went to University I talked about the fact that much of what universities do could be automated using online media. I was told in no uncertain terms that I was wrong. A few … Continue reading

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Is climate porn the last gasp of a dying breed?

The other night I watched the film “anchorman” and whilst beforehand I thought it would be a very poor comedy, at times it looked more like a documentary of our media. It certainly highlighted the way that the media fake … Continue reading

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State of the Climate

To sum it up: Nice. Warmer than the little ice-age, cooler than the climate optimum. No trends in severe weather and no hint of a cooling trend (which is the most concerning scenario that anyone can contemplate). Best of all, … Continue reading

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May commits UK to Permanent Recession

When I heard that there was a daft party in Australia committed to the economic insanity of “really tackling climate change”, I laughed at them. Because whilst I didn’t really want them to suffer the huge economic costs of the … Continue reading

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Gab is great – why not join me! @haseler

On St.Patrick’s day, I thought I would find any twitter posters who might be interested to know that the evidence shows St.Patrick was born in Glasgow (and to know the people claiming otherwise are just ignoring the overwhelming evidence). After … Continue reading

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How Mars killed Global Warming

I did an interesting search today comparing public searches for “Global warming” with that of “Mars”. There is a strange co-incidence of changes that occur in 2009 (the year of Climategate). It seems that the year Global Warming (blue) died … Continue reading

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The tide has turned on the global warming scam

For years, the only evidence of “global warming” except bogus faked NASA temperatures was an apparent melting of glaciers. I say “apparent”, because once people like NASA have been caught fiddling one lot of figures on global temperature, there’s no … Continue reading

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A Unified Theory of Recent Political Strife II

In my last post A Unified Theory of Recent Political Strife I outlined how the rise of the internet empowered new groups and had a similar effect to the rise of printing that both led to witch trials as well … Continue reading

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