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Wind is a net consumer of energy.

According to the principle of enerconics, the price of a commodity is a good proxy for energy used in securing that commodity. ( To illustrate this, let’s imagine a perfect electricity power store which costs nothing to build and can … Continue reading

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Drowning: Why do experts reject evidence which they cannot explain?

Around 400 people drown each year in the UK, so one might assume that there is a CONSENSUS about how people should treat people who have drowned. And that CONSENSUS is that “an abdominal thrust should be performed only after … Continue reading

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After a few weeks away

I was catching up on a few articles and this one really does resonate with my own views: Claim: Graduates shunning climate studies from Economic Times of India article: Why not enough people are working on climate change in India … Continue reading

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Submission to Scottish Government: It's all bullshit

Doug Brodie send an email “Dear campaigner/blogger, Scottish EET Security of Supply Inquiry The Scottish government’s Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee recently set up a Security of Supply Inquiry, inviting submissions. …” Unfortunately I was busy but a few hours … Continue reading

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"Global warming" beaten by "climate change"

A remarkable event has occurred. “Global warming” the blue eyed boy of the politically correct and environmentalists has fallen down the ranking and behind the more scientific and impartial: “climate change”. Above is a plot of the relative number of … Continue reading

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The truth about alarmists: this is what funds them!

UK Climate Policies To Cost £90bn Between Now And 2020 As Paul Homewood puts it: This is close to the figure of £89bn quoted both in the Telegraph article and by Angela Knight last week. £90.6bn equates to £3485 for every … Continue reading

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The silent holocaust of 1million climate victims in the UK

On 23rd June 1988, James Hansen went before the Senate having allegedly** “went in the night before and opened all the windows, … So that the air conditioning wasn’t working inside the room [and] it was really hot.” Hansen then … Continue reading

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The truth about sceptics – we're paid by Farpol Oil

I was about to leave the office when I get called in: “Mike just a quick word please …” usually that means I’ve f*cked up … “but not this time  thanks for all the work, but we’re moving on to … Continue reading

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