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For 40 years we in the UK have been kept prisoner in the Nazi fascist EU almost single handedly by the Biased Corp. Indeed, it is because the power of the fascists in society are waning, that we finally got … Continue reading

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Having used for a while as a twitter replacement, it seems that as a result of attacks on them by the “diversity is good – except diversity of views” fascists, they changed so that searches became impossible, which made … Continue reading

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The Future is black(out)

We have officially entered the age of stupid. First we had the enormous black out of electricity in Scotland that was clearly down to wind. Then we had the Australian blackout: Australia‚Äôs energy regulator is taking legal action against four … Continue reading

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The end of St.Greta Thunderpants?

Well it was fun while it lasted. We sceptics watched as a lot of gullible people, media and politicians fell for the puppydog eyes of a mentally challenged child who is such a control freak: she insisted they [her parents] … Continue reading

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New Sceptic Currency

I was reading about a site that allocated crypto-currency to users … and I began thinking about how anyone redeemed that “money” for anything and started thinking of a model. Let us suppose that I create a virtual currency called … Continue reading

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