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Beryllium-10: The volcanoes triggered the interglacial.

Beryllium-10 is a radioactive isotope of beryllium most scientists believe is formed in the earth’s atmosphere by cosmic rays. It has a half life of 1.39million years. I therefore follows that whilst an increase in Cosmic rays will increase the … Continue reading

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The Caterpillar Effect on ice – pressure ridges and refrozen cracks

Addbeginum The following is a graph of the density of ice: When I first wrote the article, I said that ice expands when heated. Then I realised that ice expands when it forms, so I then reworked the article to … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Caterpillar – we need a scientific revolution!

The Caterpillar effect has been proven to exist, not just by one predicted outcome but two. And now this tremendous step forward in the understanding of our planet stands as one of the great discoveries … no? Of course not! … Continue reading

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Massive Volcanic eruptions with clouds of sulphur gas caused runaway heating that ended ice-age claims Independent Scientist.

Press Release: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A Scottish independent scientist & blogger from Glasgow has found evidence that a massive increase in volcanic activity at the end of the ice-age triggered runaway global warming turning the earth from a frozen wasteland … Continue reading

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The Caterpillar Effect: Now with second confirmation it must be rock solid science

[Note: This post reports confirmation that the theory I presented a while back on tectonic plate movement has been confirmed and is sound science. However, given the deafening silence I will make it sticky for a while.] Back in 2015 … Continue reading

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Clouds now appear to be the Climate "Hard stop"

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you will have heard me refer to the climate “Hard stop”. See e.g. “Can variations in lapse rate & cloud cover explain ice-age temperature changes and the inter-glacial “hard stop”?” To explain … Continue reading

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Can global warming be explained by increased pressure?

I’ve been trying to find records of long term atmospheric pressure change. So, far I’m found a very unstatistically significant increase in

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The smoking gun that proves the caterpillar theory is correct.

Roger Tallbloke asked a very sensible question: “So you have evidence of 100kyr swings in volcanicicty? Why haven’t they been spotted before?” Just to recap, the caterpillar theory says that thermal expansion of the crust leads to tectonic plate movement … Continue reading

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The theory that will bring down global warming

The way global warming works is complex and multifaceted, and no single model will encompass all the effects neatly into one package. However there are two simplifications in common use. One (the heat trapping model) presents a view of a … Continue reading

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Proof of long term pressure change & its implication for ice-age cycle.

I’ve already written a few articles on the possibility of atmospheric air pressure change causing the temperature change over the ice age:  (overview,  calculations), this suggests that if the air pressure increased by 30% that would be enough on its … Continue reading

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