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Climate gullibles

I was struck by this headline: Ottawa Climate March attracts thin but enthusiastic crowd I started thinking “at least some people have the will to get involved in civic life – even if they’re currently being used by big green … Continue reading

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Sceptics, Gunshots, Meteorites & swarms of dykes.

The moon has craters the earth does not. Present theories explaining the lack of craters do not seem credible One possibility is that we are missing the circular features (such as the area around Glastonbury) Another is that the meteorites … Continue reading

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Why Volcanoes swell before an eruption

Current models explaining the swelling of a volcano before eruption point to explanations involving an expansion of the magma chamber and an increase in magma volume Simple calculations presented here show that thermal expansion alone is quite sufficient to explain … Continue reading

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Are we, the public, being played like an orchestra by the media?

The fashion industry plan “new” “exciting” “fashion” years in advance in a cynical manipulation of consumers (mostly women). The way the SNP have been allowed to go on at length about Brexit and referendum in Scotland seems to me to … Continue reading

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Could CO2 be a cooling gas?

We all know that according to basic science CO2 is supposed to warm the globe. And based solely on its radiative properties I would agree. However… I horrible thought crossed my mind the other day. Anyone who has been reading … Continue reading

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Delayed melting of glaciers

For a while whenever someone mentions Arctic ice – and then I mention growing Greenland surface ice and they counter with the old chestnut “Bulk ice is melting” I then counter with the Haseler rebuke: “but surface ice tells us … Continue reading

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Election 8th June – a Scottish perspective

In 2014 the Scottish people voted against leaving the UK and for remaining part of the UK. Last year we in Scotland having committed to take decisions like brexit as part of the UK agreed to leave the EU. As … Continue reading

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A Sceptic University

The core to the University will be the supervisor-researcher relationship This relationship will involve a huge commitment from both supervisor & researcher. With no buildings, the University would in effect be an “academic dating site” matching researchers and supervisors Whilst … Continue reading

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School of Scepticism

We need to combat the groupthink that has developed in Universities as shown in the area of climate Sceptics from years outside Universities show great diversity of views – and encouraging older experienced people could restore the “genetic diversity” of … Continue reading

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A Scottish Panama Canal

The panama canal is 48 miles cuts through land rising to nearly 100m above sea level is about 35m wide and has 6 locks. It carries a 1000 ships each year and is supposedly one of the seven wonders of … Continue reading

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