Current Scandals

The biggest scandal in world history is now erupting – and it now split into so many different parts that I’ve compile this list:
Updated: 11:44 27th Nov.

  1. (UK top, US ~5?) After Yeo, former Chairman of the UK climate change committee, was caught in a sting operation selling himself to greens, the judge described his evidence as “implausible”, “unreliable”, “not honest”,”dishonest”, “untruthful”, “untrue” and “unworthy of belief”. Bishop Hill – he is now being investigated for perjury
  2. #NOAAgate has been taken up a step by Senator Lamar stating “it shreds NOAA’s credibility.” (aka Pausebuster study) – the refusal to comply with congressional subpoena from – ongoing and likely to hit the news WUWT
  3. #NASAgate – the warming adjustments to their temps now showing to be “massively altered” by German professor  (↑ as more evidence of South African Fraud)
  4. (New) PolarBearGate – Petition Congress to Investigate USGS Polar Bear Research Methods also see: Polar bears are doing fine
  5. RICOgate – attempts to silence sceptics using “lawfair” and smear tactics – now linked to Sen. Whitehouse
  6. Stern’s “Economy with the truth” whereby he was shown to have lied in a letter to the FT
  7. Mann on trial for libel against Steyn – Mann is attempting to delay – but it just looks worse for him the longer he keeps it going.
  8. Shukla’s Gold (a part of RICOgate) – lawsuit filed – original Climate Audit
  9. Scandal at the UK supreme court (failed to comply with FOI law regarding political bias on the issue of climate) more
  10. Arctic sea ice false claims (Another Milestone Of Failure By Climate Experts)
  11. The ongoing stupidity of Charlie and the impossibility of him being a constitutional monarch when he cannot stop being involved in eco-politics and makes provably false claims linking Syrian terrrorism to Climate.
  12. The likely power cuts in UK (coming soon)
  13. The ridiculous accusations against Exxon (all big oil profit from the scam – perhaps Exxon are the least corrupt – which may be why they are being picked out?)
  14. The BBC are legally obliged to be impartial. They interpret that as “impartial between those we like and damn the rest”. As a result BBC bias on the climate is so rampant, that they libel sceptics, falsify their reporting on climate and generally act like a pseudo political party denying access to any who don’t toe the line. It’s as easy to find a reasonable summary of the science supporting us sceptics on BBC output as it is to find a summary of reasons to sell off the BBC. See Tallbloke
  15. 28gate, was a meeting of 28 eco-political activists (including one from China) held by the BBC in order to decide how to exclude sceptics. It was and remains illegal. Delingpole
  16. The corruption & conspiracy to pervert justice of the Climategate inquiries. At least one criminal act was committed by the University of East Anglia in the climategate scandal. That crime has never been prosecuted, nor was the conspiracy to commit that crime. Furthermore, there was then a conspiracy to cover up that crime by those in the establishment. Arguably, this is the most serious scandal of all – because those who committed this crime, were very highly placed, the act was a conspiracy and it was done with the intention of perverting justice. (see The Climategate Inquiries)


  1. Added, climategate, 28gate and BBC unlawful bias. Added “RICOgate” which broader than Shukla – and now is linked to Sen.Whitehouse
  2. I’ve reordered (roughly) to make those with most recent coverage at the top

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