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Parking global warming

It is said, that if you navigate a super-tanker, that you need to think miles ahead because of the time it takes the super-tanker to respond. Likewise, government is a bit dim-witted and ideas tend to get absorbed more in … Continue reading

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More evidence we sceptics are winning

Ever since Google biased their search engine results in order to boost the coverage of alarmist websites, I’ve found it difficult to assess just how well sceptics are doing. The impression you get from Google is … as you might … Continue reading

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“Triffid killer weeds about to invade farmland as a result of CO2"

After the second lot of research showing that CO2 is good for plants (whoever thought it wasn’t) we all know what the next tranche of research is going to focus on! Within a few months or years, we will start … Continue reading

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BBC &%$£!

Paradoxically, as I have stopped listening or watching the BBC because of their illegal coverage of climate , I can’t now comment about the BBC’s current output. But at least until I stopped watching this letter is entirely accurate. (Although … Continue reading

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570 year record shows no change? Not for a trougher!

I was quite astonished when I saw the blazen way this “research” was wholly distorted to falsely suggest a recent massive change in the ice- freeze day over a massive 570 years. So, let’s start with the data before the … Continue reading

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And Trump wins?

I see that the current US delegate count is Trump 845 Cruz 559 Kasich (who) 148 So, Trump is getting  54% of delegates. There are 733 left to decide and Trump needs 1237 for a nomination. 733x.54 = 399 which … Continue reading

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UKIP David Coburn on Climate

As a result of seeing today’s youtube video of David Coburn defender Old Age pensioners against the North Korean style SNP wind policy I started having a look to see what else this man had said and I found this … Continue reading

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Old People in Scotland are so moany why?

Interview by Garry Tank Commander with UKIP David Coburn who succinctly puts the case for climate scepticism whilst likening the SNP behaviour to that of North Korea.

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The truth about Big green

As a former member of “Big Green” – both being part of the wind “industry” and a senior person in the Scottish Green party (even attending their executive), I knew the people involved in the industry and green party and … Continue reading

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Rising CO2 greening the planet (again)

The problem with the global warming news is that – finding out there is no cataclysmic event coming our way seldom if ever makes the news. And indeed, almost everything that gets into the newspapers these days is firstly in … Continue reading

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