May commits UK to Permanent Recession

When I heard that there was a daft party in Australia committed to the economic insanity of “really tackling climate change”, I laughed at them. Because whilst I didn’t really want them to suffer the huge economic costs of the climate cult agenda, at least if the Aussies went first, the rest of the world would quickly see how stupid it was and that would be the end of that crazy talk.

However, I didn’t reckon on the stupidity of May who now free of any electoral constraint or any need to see through her own suicidal policy, wants to leave a legacy for the UK. Not the £350million a week that we pay to the EU, but MORE THAN £1 , 000 , 000, million (based on treasury estimates). Of course that is a vast underestimate … because the figure is based on conventional economics which doesn’t take account of the vicious cycle affects of the cost of rising energy. However, even based on that very Conservative (LOL) estimate of the cost, that’s 100% of GDP over the next 30 years which amounts to a DIRECT hit of 3% reduction in GDP per year. As the UK growth has not been above 3% in many years May is basically committing the UK to permanent recession.

However that is very much an UNDERESTIMATE of the cost of this insane commitment. So, let’s start laying out what it is likely to actually means:

The end of manufacturing in the UK

Whilst I’m not saying that literally every company disappears, any big enough to relocate abroad will do so because the costs of energy, transport and government taxes will be eye-watering. And those that can’t will mostly go under.

Massive increases in taxes

As government income from taxes disappear along with many businesses, government doesn’t have the capacity to suddenly cut spending, because much of its commitments are long term. So, taxes will rise. Which will make the UK the most unattractive place to live and do business.

Massive cuts in government spending

Basically, whatever the tax rate the government set … the tax take will not change much because raising taxes will quickly cause people and businesses to move abroad (leaving the idiots who stay with higher taxes to pay). So, in order to balance the books the UK will have no choice but to massively and I mean MASSIVELY cut public spending. Now, here we have a problem with perception, because when the Tories came in and cut the INCREASED spending of labour back to the same spending labour got from the Tories … all hell broke loose. But, we are NOT talking about merely cutting increased spending. Instead, the UK will be required to cut spending not just back to the bone, not even into the bone, but in short to amputate all the limbs of what is currently considered sacred.

All hell will break loose when the cuts are merely starting … by the time the shear scale of them is apparent … this is not just the “cut backs” as under Thatcher (which weren’t really cut backs), nor “austerity” (which isn’t paying back the debt),  no … this is cut backs which will have a profound effect on very ordinary people and a devastating and in many cases DEADLY consequence to many/most vulnerable people. If the scale of change is 1 to 10, the UK have traditionally started protesting at 1, we’ve had riots at 2, and we are going all the way to 10.

Here’s a few obvious changes:

  1. End of any public subsidy to University education (and given that far fewer people will be able to afford to go to University anyway … the shutting of many Universities).
  2. The end of the National Health service
  3. The effective end of the UK involved in international military operations
  4. The end of ALL these endless public sector bodies

OK, so far, if you’re rich (like Tory MPs)  it doesn’t sound too bad … but in addition

  1. The effective end of road building, or road maintenance.
  2. The closure of all public sports facilities
  3. The end of national parks
  4. The end of subsidy to railways (and the closure of many)

Basically – anything short of stopping civil unrest – that government does will disappear over the next 30 years of permanent recession.

The Greens might say “oh goody, when people can’t afford to drive, everyone will have to use public transport”, the reality is that people won’t be able to afford to travel at all. And far from public transport increasing, in most cases where idiot greens want to see more of it (to their second homes in the country – not for them – but for the poor locals) … in most cases public transport will just disappear, which with the higher costs of transport and living, will make it impossible for many people to live in remote areas.

Massive unemployment

If you are making the UK a terrible place to do business, and then you are taking a sickle to all the public-sector jobs, then even a member of the climate cult should be able to work out that people are going to be made unemployed (or maybe I’m crediting them with too much intelligence?) Anyway … pick a number between 1 and 10 and that’s a very good estimate for the number of unemployed people in the UK … sorry that’s an estimate of the millions (not total number).

And … let’s be honest, the end of any meaningful income for the unemployed.

End of Immigration as a problem

Yes, there is always a silver lining … we won’t have any problem with immigration in the UK. Much like Scotland now, the problem won’t be too many people wanting to come into the UK, but too many people wanting to leave. That may sound great … but it also means an end to housing demand … no that’s understating it … there will be an excess of houses. So from an average of perhaps £250k for a house, we might see that highly inflated price drop to an average value of UK houses of £50k. In short, the selling value of houses will be lower than the cost of building them. So, almost everyone involved in house building is unemployed. That also means everyone involved in building the new roads to service all these new housing estates is unemployed. That also means there is little point having planning officers in local councils – so many of them will be put out of work. There is then no need to have public employees training people for jobs that aren’t there … so … etc. etc.

In other words, we are not talking about a slow down toward no net immigration .. we are talking about a fairly rapid & significant depopulation of the UK

Political Change

There’s little point dwelling on the exact details of the horrendous “legacy” of May, because for very understandable reasons it has NO CHANCE of happening. Even with the Brainwashing Corp constantly pouring out its propaganda, and with Google deleting all references to any contrary articles (like this) there is no way on earth that the majority of voters will vote for parties committed to economic suicide.

Better still, once the lunatics in parliament commit to this insanity, they are basically putting a target on their backs in terms of elections. Because even the numpties in UKIP or the Brexit party (neither of whom responded to offers of help before the EU elections) … neither of these presently incompetent and inept parties could fail to score against politics as barmy as to make it their mainstay of their political agenda … the permanent recession of the UK.

In short, we can say:

“Goodbye Tories”,

we can say:

“Goodbye Labour”

and most definitely say:

“Goodbye Libtard (non) Democrats”.

With this target on their backs, the chances of any of these being above a few dozen MPs in 20 years is 0%. Of course, that does not mean that UKIP of Brexit party … or just as possible the GREENS (I’ll wash my mouth out later) … will take their place. It only means that what my generation has seen, as the stitch of UK politics for many generations by Labour, Tory, LibtardNonDems through their political propaganda machine of the Brainwashing Corp & its press allies is about to come to an end.

The “phoney war”

Whilst our Turkey MPs are almost certainly stupid enough to vote for Xmas, even those morons aren’t going to go willing up the ramp to the slaughterhouse. So, whilst they will vote to put the UK in permanent recession, like Brexit, they’ll try to delay the policy they committed to do as long as possible. This is why I’m looking at a 20 year slaughter of the present parties. We’ll have a period of “phoney war”, when the present morons in parliament try to pretend that they haven’t committed economic suicide, … the present inept and incompetent parties like UKIP and Brexit will continue to be inept and incompetent and the Brainwashing Corp will continue to brainwash much of the UK population.

However, given the time-scale of the scam so far, I think a reasonable period for the shit to start hitting the fan is about a decade.  We then have a decade of rapidly changing politics. Of course, the lies by Labour and Tories have already destroyed their reputation, so it is also very possible that massive political change will occur earlier. But looking at those going into the Brexit party – it’s really just the same moronic politicians with a new coat of paint. The changes I think will happen to politics will be so far reaching that it will make Trump look like a very conservative (little c) moderate. Political change is inevitable – but the exact nature of that change is not something that we have any historical precedent by which to predict it.

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