This is the blog of Mike Haseler and I am a Climate Scientist. But that doesn’t mean a lot except I am trained as a scientist I am reasonably knowledge about the climate and I know I know more climate science than many of those claiming to be “climate scientists”.

  • I studied physics, electronics and some philosophy at St.Andrews
  • I have an MBA from Strathclyde
  • I have studied archaeology in Glasgow.
  • I worked in a variety of industrial manufacturing companies in which I worked on a large range of projects controlling or monitoring temperature.
  • I started my own temperature control company and designed precision temperature controllers.
  • Then decided to enter the new area of renewables, and did extensive market research into renewables in the UK through which I gained extensive knowledge of the different development strategies adopted for renewables in the UK and Denmark and consider myself an expert in understanding the factors affecting the early development of renewables.
  • In the process I learnt Danish in order to “understand the competition” and in the hope of doing business with the main wind companies in Denmark.
  • I was selected as a Green candidate for the Scottish Green party in 2003, but decided not to stand when the first candidate on the list refused to support our local hospital (I kid you not!)
  • I worked in the wind “industry” in Scotland erecting weather monitoring equipment and was well known in Scotland at the highest level. I eventually took the decision to leave after I accidentally informed a farmer that a wind farm was going to be built next to them; I still remember their absolute horror! I couldn’t stomach the hypocrisy of working for a business sector which was so dishonest with the public.
  • I am proud to have once stood as a Liberal Democrat councillor and doubled their vote receiving a massive 208 votes!
  • I am proficient in dozens of programming languages and now write PHP/MySQL websites as a hobby.
  • I am an agnostic on man-made warming, a sceptic by scientific training and disgusted with so called climate “science” which isn’t science as I was taught it.