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A Scottish Panama Canal

The panama canal is 48 miles cuts through land rising to nearly 100m above sea level is about 35m wide and has 6 locks. It carries a 1000 ships each year and is supposedly one of the seven wonders of … Continue reading

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A third lane for the M8 in Glasgow – at almost no cost!

For decades I’ve been driving the M8 and as it comes into Glasgow from the east at juction 17 (Great Western Road) at any busy time of day, there will be a queue of traffic in the two lanes marked … Continue reading

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#M80: Scottish Government get apology in early: SORRY! SOMETHING WENT WRONG

I spotted that there were problems on the M80 on twitter – a road that goes from us to Glasgow, so I immediately started looking into it. Eventually, as things quietened down I remembered the Scottish government have this site … Continue reading

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#m80 Snow Chaos hits Scottish Roads

There are two things that occur with annoying regularity in Scotland: the first is some inane politician going on about the effects of “global warming”and and the other is absolute chaos on major motorways when we get snow. Of course … Continue reading

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Proposed Scottish Motorway System

Below is an outline suggestion for a series of new Scottish roads on which I would welcome comments. But first, by “Motorway” I mean a major road suitable within a Scottish context of long-distance driving at relatively low densities and … Continue reading

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