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The end of St.Greta Thunderpants?

Well it was fun while it lasted. We sceptics watched as a lot of gullible people, media and politicians fell for the puppydog eyes of a mentally challenged child who is such a control freak: she insisted they [her parents] … Continue reading

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Is the El Nino over?

Earlier this year I proclaimed “this year global cooling”. As usual I was hedging my bets because that claim would be true even if only started to see significant cooling in December. However, looking at the latest El Nino report, … Continue reading

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Just Mental: Carrot will lose Taste due to Climate Change

“Australian scientists fear climate change will also have great impact on consumers similar to problems faced by farm lands. They believe carrots will lose its taste and steaks will be of poor quality.” (The market Business) It’s while since of … Continue reading

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Bush & Blair lied about WMD so Lewandowsky lied about skeptics: the motivated lies & attacks intended to discredit honest people.

Lewandowsky is notorious within Skeptic circles. Unlike others who naivety end up insulting skeptics, Lewandowsky’s attacks are different. Because unlike others who end up attacking skeptics through ignorance, Lewandowsky’s attacks appear to be directed or motivated in a calculated manner … Continue reading

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The global warming rout

From the very first headline: “There Are Now 52 Explanations For The Pause In Global Warming” (Daily Caller), it was obvious that things are not going the zealot’s way. A quick scan now shows that the biggest story in the … Continue reading

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The Toad goes rowing – TheEndofPhysics laments those "insisting on validation of models"

I nearly thought about posting on this, where theĀ Toad (aka Connolley) has finally decided that 8minutes of watching him rowing is more important than anything else. However, then I noticed people were commenting and I couldn’t help wondering what the … Continue reading

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BBC: Is this the dead cat bounding?

Keeping up to date on climate stories in the news and blogs, it is just a fact that the world has turned skeptical. A few years ago, people were literally afraid to own up to being a skeptic. Today, it … Continue reading

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Climate scientists are Nazi Paedophiles?

If I had actually said “Climate scientists are Nazi Paedophiles” how long would it be before the BBC and the whole warmist chatterarti of academia would be condemning me? So, why do government ministers and BBC broadcasters feel they can … Continue reading

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Now Online gaming causing global warming

Is Angry Birds Increasing Global Warming? “We are well aware that the Angry Birds causes plenty of damage to complex structures and greedy green pigs, but are they causing damage in real life? The most successful mobile game ever seen … Continue reading

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Anatomy of Global Warming Jellyfish Scare

The number of Jellyfish in the Irish Sea are on the rise. In recent years there have been “super blooms” and the media start reporting “scientists” are looking at way of preventing a “jellyfish takeover”. So, what is the suspected … Continue reading

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