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Australia: land of the hysterical!

As they say: “no news is good news”, and there certainly has been a lack of any real news story on global warming if the news search engine results are to be believed. There is still those who deny reality … Continue reading

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How not to develop wave energy

Government to pump £20m into wave power generation Well before they decided to go ahead with the Orkney marine energy development centre, I had made my findings clear to the idiots that ran so called “Scottish Enterprise” (an oxymoron) that … Continue reading

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Which collapses first? The Euro or Global Warming?

It’s interesting to compare the two charades: The Euro and Manmade warming. Both of them exist in the absence of any substantial material support, and almost exclusively due to a huge political pressure that “wants” them to exist. In one … Continue reading

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Alarmists turn to bite the hand that fed them

From the climate depot we get this “snippet” of news. I’m unable to trace the source, nor to be frank do I share the site’s politics which is ardently republican and therefore anti Obama (who has done more than any … Continue reading

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Euro vs. Engineering: If it doesn't bend it'll break

There’s a simple rule of thumb in engineering which says: “If it doesn’t bend it will break”, or in more general terms: “if there is no give, it will break”. That is why if you examine any bridge (that is … Continue reading

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Guardian alarmist in chief funded by Auto trader

For years I’ve watched as the Guardian hyped the global warming story and exaggerated every single possible aspect of the scare to force us gas guzzling miscreants to cease our harmful ways and give up the car and join the … Continue reading

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My submission to NOAA integrity review

Following the post on WUWT: Ask and ye shall receive NOAA Posted on June 18, 2011 by Anthony Watts A while back, I highlighted this, and now comments are open to the public and I’m sure there will be many readers … Continue reading

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New boost to global warming stories

Just as I thought global warming stories were going out of fashion, along comes sunspots. And strangely, all the people who used to write about doomsday global warming are suddenly writing about doomsday lack of sunspots. I personally think its … Continue reading

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Australian PM's ratings slump after carbon tax

Seems like the chickens are coming home to roost for the Australian PM who went into her election campaign promising not to implement carbon taxes. And I may be wrong, but I seem to recollect that she only got the … Continue reading

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The best of the comments on WUWT on sunspots

The following comments were taken (without permission … hopefully no one minds) from the article on sunspots at WUWT mostly in order of writing  (except the first!): steven mosher says:June 14, 2011 at 5:32 pm “funny how skepticism about … Continue reading

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