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Scots: more words for rain than Eskimos for snow

It is often claimed that “Eskimos have hundreds of words for snow”, but I wondered whether this is true or if there were more Scottish words for rain. First, the truth about the Eskimo or Inuit: David Robson, New Scientist … Continue reading

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Is the earth expanding? Massively!!

I’ve come across this video by chance. It breaks the known principles of science so it must be wrong, but I’m scratching my head trying to work out how to make it fit in with what I know. Have a … Continue reading

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Proof: cold can be turned into warm.

There is a certain vociferous group who refuse to accept that a cold object such as a blanket or the sky can make a warmer object warmer. After a few drinks, I found a very simple way to prove then … Continue reading

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Simplified atmospheric model

I want to examine three extreme models of the atmosphere: entirely transparent, entirely opaque and entirely transparent to visible and opaque to IR. From this I will show that the presumed adiabatic lapse through the atmosphere of “33C” must be … Continue reading

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Cloud feedbacks

When I try to model cloud feedbacks, I start getting some startling figures with likely warming for a doubling of CO2 is as low as 0.1-0.2C. Clearly this is the reason they “can’t” model clouds – because this whole scam … Continue reading

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In defense of Ramsay

I am going to take the highly unusual step (for me) of defending an academic against a blog post on Bishop hill. The issue at stake is carbon 14 dating as used by archaeologists to derive dates. And as I’m … Continue reading

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D.C. Approves Fines for People Who Don't Shovel Snow

Here is what is on Mann’s facebook: Let’s just remind ourselves what we were told fourteen years ago by the likes of Mann: 20 March 2000: Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past 

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DC-Court v First Amendment

In a judgement that if it went for Mann would effectively repeal the anti-SLAPP law of Columbia, three women judges whose predecessors fought tooth and nail for the free speech to say they are equal to men are about to … Continue reading

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Steyn looking and sounding very confident after court

Steyn is looking very confident in this latest interview apparently after this latest court appearance:–is-questioning-climate-change-illegal–518533520 Alternative link:

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Steyn V Mann-made warming

I managed to watch the court of Mann’s trial. I’m not sure even Mann’s own lawyer believed he could win let alone the judges. Mann’s lawyer’s argument: “there might be some law somewhere that might support what I say and … Continue reading

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