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The lie of one-dimensional politics

Left and right are false concepts of the authoritarian groupthink socialists who see the world as “them and us” and it is one of the biggest lies of the fake media era of the past century. So, I’m getting increasingly … Continue reading

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Is climate porn the last gasp of a dying breed?

The other night I watched the film “anchorman” and whilst beforehand I thought it would be a very poor comedy, at times it looked more like a documentary of our media. It certainly highlighted the way that the media fake … Continue reading

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The death of the expert

Whenever someone challenges me for not believing in this or that “expert” I have a simple response: “I’m an expert on experts – I’ve written a book** on the subject and trust me, you can’t believe experts” Of course, if … Continue reading

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Warmist media – like fish trapped in fast drying up muddy pool

As I looked down the very familiar list of media outlets still pushing the IPCC nonscience, I noticed the same familiar names: BBC, Guardian, Independent, National Geographic,ABC. But as I posted before, this year it is almost exclusively these last … Continue reading

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IPCC report goes down like a Lead balloon

Whilst hearing another non-science report from a group of delusional academics on drugs grants cannot be welcomed by those who pay for this non-science and have to watch our idiotic politicians who so gullibly believe them, the good news is … Continue reading

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A reply to Roger Harrabin

On Radio 4 today Roger Harrabin made the following assertions: CO2 has almost certainly contributed to warming the planet The current pause in warming is likely to end If we double the CO2 we are likely to produce a temperature … Continue reading

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Power resilience

Hearing this morning of the major fire at the Didcot B Power Station, and learning that due to several other problems on the UK grid, we are already likely to have problems if there is a cold spell in January, … Continue reading

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BBC bias – now it's Scottish nationalist alarmists complaining

If you haven’t been living in outer Mongolia away from any modern media, you will probably already know that the BBC are completely biased on climate. True they’ve stopped reporting global warming alarmism recently, but that is because they’ve all … Continue reading

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Home to an earful on climate.

On my return from a holiday in Brittany, Paris, and canoeing down the Wye, I was catching up with an old friend when I experienced the strangest phenomenon: someone going on at length to tell me how absurd the idea … Continue reading

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Time to Deny the Establishment Broadcasting Company its funding

In my last post I said the BBC are really just “The Establishment Broadcasting Company” – the broadcaster of and for the establishment. Their view was outdated in the era of empire radio in the 1920s when they were founded, … Continue reading

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