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What to do in a car in water

Have you heard the advice that if your car ends up in deep water that you should: “leave doors and windows shut – wait till the pressure equalises and” … well basically drown because that’s what will happen if you … Continue reading

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How to lose pounds (weight) with the Low-Carb diet

First I’ve got no medical training on diets and unless it works for a few others all I can say is it worked for me but no guaranties. But who are we kidding about the benefit of “medical training” on … Continue reading

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UK to leave EU with no deal

For a while I’ve been saying to anyone that would listen that the UK was extremely unlikely to come to a deal with the dysfunctional EU in a mere 2 years. This was obvious from the way it took the … Continue reading

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Britain votes for Easy Brexit

The UK has already triggered article 50, we are leaving the EU and in the face of growing support for leaving the EU no serious party is suggesting otherwise. What was uncertainty is whether we’d get a deal with the … Continue reading

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Madeleine McCann: A good way to bury bad news?

Anyone who was around at the time of “New Labour” knew they were a vile government epitomised by the way they tried to use 911 as a “good day to bury bad news”.  Thatcher might be thought to epitomise cold … Continue reading

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How politicians mislead the public

In yesterday’s article, “Politicians don’t lie.” I outlined the evidence that seems to refute the assertion we constantly hear that politicians lie. After searching for politicians who have been caught lying … and accounting for the huge interest when they … Continue reading

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