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Help needed! What's difficult about fractal noise?

I need help. I’ve many times tried to get a discussion going on 1/f noise so that I can understand how to put over this subject so that it is understandable. And let me be blunt, if only I could … Continue reading

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Herald: Scotland has modest shale gas and oil resources, survey suggests

This looks an important article for energy supplies in Scotland. Monday 30 June 2014 Scotland has modest shale gas and oil resources, an assessment by the British Geological Survey suggests. The estimates for the Midland Valley suggest shale gas resources … Continue reading

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Global Warming disproved: Bad posts, CET, Antarctic Ice and Fractal Noise

I was caught out this morning seeing a graph of Antarctic Ice (unlabelled) which I took to be a plot of the Central England Temperature series. The fact I was confused is proof that that global warming is non-science. So, … Continue reading

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Climate Insanity: "Deniers should be executed?"

OK – I ADMIT IT – I’ve been caught out by a spoof post. Tom Moriarty is actually a skeptic. ========My Original Post (funny in retrospect!)======== I went to look at uClimate an I was unprepared for this filth: Based … Continue reading

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You must explain the warming

**Note since posting Richard has commented to say the quote (which I couldn’t find myself) referred to something else. So apologies Richard and thanks, because it was about time I wrote an article on this. So even if it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Academics reject scientific method

The physicist who runs a blog he should call “AndThenIGaveUpScience” has a blog post on: consensus, the appeal to authority, and how we counter manufactured doubt, And the video (at end) is a real laugh. In the talk we hear … Continue reading

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Met Office "One of the warmest Junes" – how unremarkable is that?

The met office are now saying that “Early statistics from the Met Office National Climate Information Centre show that this has been one of the warmest Junes in records dating back to 1910. Based on figures up until 25 June … Continue reading

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Global warming is not a scientific issue.

Thanks to Stefanthedenier for prompting this. Whilst many assume global warming is a scientific issue, my long held view is that it is not. Global warming is a social issue. It is really a question of the way we decide … Continue reading

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Eureka!! (Ice Age theory)

I’ve had a partial explanation for why the earth enters and leaves ice-ages for a while. I’ve been tempted to publish for a while, but wasn’t entirely happy with it because the mechanism (which I’ve not seen anyone suggest) didn’t … Continue reading

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What really annoys climate academics about the public critique of their work.

The Guardian have some interesting comments from climate academics (I refuse to call people who don’t practice real skeptic science “scientists”). This really needs a detailed response to each one – something that is impossible on the Guardian, and something … Continue reading

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