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After Net Zero and Covid

Despite the feverish attempts to keep the covid and net-zero narrative going, the writing is clearly on the wall. Covid is now at the stage where the lawyers are getting involved in damage done by the jab, and as I’ve … Continue reading

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WWIII is coming

I hear today that Truss is sending weaponry to Taiwan. After the abysmal failure to achieve anything useful in Ukraine, because Putin successfully neutralised the west long before the first shot, by funding our green groups, and because Buydem’s corruption … Continue reading

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Enerconics and the effect of Net Zero

In my original article on EnerconicsĀ I explained how the extremely close correlation between total world energy consumption (including wood for burning) and total world inflation adjusted GDP showed that GDP was controlled by energy. I now want to broaden the … Continue reading

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As far as I was aware, I grew up in a world where no one questioned scientific fact, where if someone did research, not only could it be trusted, but no one would seriously question the research. I now live … Continue reading

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