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How Greece subsidises Germany through the Euro

If you listen to the likes of the europhile BBC, you get the idea that the sun shines out the backside of the Euro, that Germany is doing Greece a favour lending it money and that Greece is just a … Continue reading

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How to survive a Scottish heat wave

I remember holidaying in Shetland and my son complaining about the heat. It was probably no more than 24C, but when you are used to houses heated only to 18C and its a day for stripping off and sun bathing … Continue reading

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Greenhouse warming test cases – do you agree?

I came across a couple of articles by Dr Roy Spencer on how greenhouse gases work and was surprised at both his answers and also the multitude of comments. There appears to be many diverse views on the theory, but … Continue reading

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Evidence global air pressure changes (and causes mass extinctions)

I’ve been looking to find any evidence that might suggest global pressure has changed as suggested by the hypothesis that the end of the ice-age is caused by around a 30% increase in global air pressure (equivalent to an increase … Continue reading

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Evidence global air pressure varies? – Is this a wheel falling off the caterpillar?

The main prediction from the caterpillar theory of plate tectonics is that we should see changes in volcanic emissions resulting in changes to the atmosphere such as increasing CO2 & pressure. The Caterpillar theory is that thermal expansion during the … Continue reading

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More wheels falling off: UK plans to get rid of "gullibles" investment bank

I can’t turn around these days without finding more bad news for the alarmists. This time, the UK government are ditching the so called “Green investment bank” which was another way to pump public money into the pockets of carbon … Continue reading

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Calculation of pressure change need to induce ice-age cycle

In my previous post I suggested that the addition of gases to the atmosphere from volcanic activity could have increased the atmospheric pressure and that would have changed  global temperature giving us the current warm interglacial. Today I thought it … Continue reading

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The evolution of the present CO2 desert

After yesterday’s article on the carboniferous desert (350-250million years ago), I’ve added a section to the article suggesting why we had the second drop in CO2 from around 150million years ago to the current “2nd CO2 desert”. See:

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Is Scotland experiencing a cooling of the climate?

This May I started checking our beech hedge for signs of it coming into leaf because I had noticed that much of the hedge came out of bud within a day and had recorded the date last year as May … Continue reading

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Lignin and the carboniferous CO2 drop

If one looks at the graph of CO2 over the last 600million years there is a noticeable drop in CO2 levels in the carboniferous – a period when the world experienced it’s first “CO2 desert” with very low levels of … Continue reading

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