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Legal Action Fighting Fund

Solicitors cost money! … about as obvious as saying the hockey stick is broken, but given the complexity of this case, even getting one to look at the evidence and advise us is going to cost. SCEF has some money … Continue reading

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The real hockey stick

When climategate hit I was sceptical. When we had inquiry after inquiry, I was sceptical. Even when fakegate hit, I was sceptical. Now I’m not. ALEA IACTA EST Latin for “The die has been cast”, the words attributed to Julius … Continue reading

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A sad day for British Science – indeed for Britain

When I was young I wanted to be a scientist. It was the time of moon landings, nuclear power, lasers, computers, etc. Britain really did pull above its weight in science. Both my wife and I did science at University … Continue reading

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UEA accused of lying

Over at WUWT Anthony Watts has accused the UEA of being liars. If like me you went there hoping to get a quick summary and found it very difficult to understand, then hopefully this will help. It appears this assertion … Continue reading

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The Sceptic View (Rev. 0.5)

Thank you for all those who have contributed. I’ve read all the comments and have tried to take account of what everyone is saying. Comments have ranged from “broadly agree” to “there is no sceptic view” to “the whole theory … Continue reading

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Revised statement of sceptic view

[PLEASE NOTE. THERE IS NOW A LATER REVISION] Thanks for those who have contributed. I’ve tried to include the comments and improve the wording. The intention is to put this on as the introduction to the sceptic view on … Continue reading

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And the Scottish results are in …

BBC’s Glenn Campbell tweets: It’s amazing how many ways Edinburgh voters have found to spoil ballots. Knots n crosses. Multiple Xs. Anti-trams abuse. #bbcvote2012 #sc12 I think my “party” is winning. I think if a majority of electors either stay … Continue reading

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Scottish Climate and Energy Forum – update

A while ago a group of Scottish Sceptics met with a view to forming some kind of association. The meeting was positive and the will was there to move ahead, but as should have been expected amongst a group of … Continue reading

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Any sceptic who has ever tried to edit a wikipedia article will know that the climate articles are just a propaganda rag for green-spin. Many of us suspect that many of the editors are either the prominent team members themselves … Continue reading

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What to see in Scotland

First my bias. I live between Glasgow and Edinburgh. I have links with both cities. I do not like “touristy” places like Stonehenge, nor do I go much for “Celtic”** culture. But if someone like me were to visit Scotland, … Continue reading

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