The end of St.Greta Thunderpants?

Well it was fun while it lasted.

We sceptics watched as a lot of gullible people, media and politicians fell for the puppydog eyes of a mentally challenged child who is such a control freak:

she insisted they [her parents] become vegan and give up flying. She said she persuaded her parents to give up eating meat by making them feel guilty. “I kept telling them that they were stealing our future.” Her mother also gave up her international career as an opera singer. (Wakopedia)

In that respect she’s about as normal as any 16year old girl – except the autism made her especially dogmatic as well as gullible enough to be easy to manipulate by the Climate Cult. Nor is the way she bunked off school particularly abnormal (although I don’t recall in my school days it was something any adult or child would have seen as virtuous).

The reason Greta’s on the way out, is simply because at the same time the press are growing tired of “St.Greta” and her endless ignorant preaching, she is growing up, so that the “ignorance of the child” has lost its charm … and … well how do I put this … except for her puppy-dog looks and tiresome ignorant certainty, what else did she have for the media? She’s hardly “fashionable” nor knowledgeable!

The result is there’s growing signs that the press are no longer treating her with kid gloves:

The trouble with Greta Thunberg (spectator)

Jeremy Corbyn’s BROTHER brands 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg an ‘ignorant brainwashed child’ who is being ‘abused by manipulative adults’ (Mail)

Why Greta Thunberg doesn’t deserve a Nobel (spiked)

No teenager is more freakishly influential than Greta Thunberg, the deeply disturbed messiah of the global warming movement.  (Andrew Bolt)

That, together with the fact she appears to be tired of being constantly (ab)used by adults for their own purposes and clearly can be difficult to handle … might well explain why she is being secured in a small boat on the Atlantic where the public cannot see her.

Has Greta finally twigged she’s being lied to?

20 years ago, I started researching the “science” (as it was supposed to be), because I realised that the politicians would make all kinds of meaningless assertions but the world would just go on and on as it always had been. So, my first investigation was to try to determine exactly what would happen if all the available fossil fuels were burnt.

Greta is now in the same position … she has been lied to, by politician after politician, who have “committed” to absolutely nothing (until long after they all know they will be out of office).  All the politicians have done, is to use St.Greta to get their own PR for “saving the planet” … whilst practically doing nothing at all  … except hit the ball a long way away into the dense thicket where they hope it will be lost forever.

Thunderpants, is not going to take that kind of non-action lightly! She’s young and she’ll want things done yesterday (except tidying her room). Which is why I expect she is becoming increasingly hard to handle. Greta does not like it when she doesn’t get her own way! And I’ve no doubt Greta is not the kind of person who charms the press when she’s angry.

It’s a vicious circle!

Once she realises she’s being used by almost every adult around her, she won’t like it at all. That may well be the reason she’s been “persuaded” to spend a lot of time on a small boat away from the more sceptical media and away from easy access to the internet (where she could discover how naive she’s been).

However, I suspect that that attempt to hide her away for a while may make things even worse. Having crossed the Atlantic in a sailing boat – which to her will seem a big thing – but to most Americans will be just another rich kid on some daddy’s boat doing as their forefathers did (but in a lot less comfort) – she will appear even more sanctimonious and dictatorial to the politicians who frankly haven’t an inclination to commit electoral suicide for St.Greta Thunderpants.

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