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Are we, the public, being played like an orchestra by the media?

The fashion industry plan “new” “exciting” “fashion” years in advance in a cynical manipulation of consumers (mostly women). The way the SNP have been allowed to go on at length about Brexit and referendum in Scotland seems to me to … Continue reading

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First the Scottish Nazionalist Party wins, then ISIS, now the Front Nationale – what next?

According to France24: France’s far-right National Front pulled off an historic win Sunday, topping the vote nationally in the first round of regional elections, exit polls showed. What links this with the SNP massive landslide in Scotland? Is it that … Continue reading

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Corrupt Scottish press – no mention of Pachauri's planned visit to Scotland despite meeting with Scottish minister

Why is Aileen McLeod, Minister for Environment & Climate Change hiding her arranged meeting with disgraced UN Chief climate scientist? Why are the Scottish press withholding details of this affair from the Scottish public?

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Fuel Poverty kills Scots

Just back from the Scottish parliament which I attending with Lord Monckton where we attended something called SPREEE. Here we heard three of their advisers starting with WWF. I repeat: starting with WWF! What on earth are they doing advising … Continue reading

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The forgotten genocide of millions of Britons

If I were to say that in the last century nearly 4million people in the UK had died from something in the environment and that the UK government were wetting themselves trying to increase you wouldn’t believe me. But this … Continue reading

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A Weird Coincidence – or Black ops?

First, apologies if you have been trying to read any of my websites or email me. Apparently the server I use (Saltire hosting) has been under attack for the last few days from what I’m told is a “denier or … Continue reading

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Launch of my election campaign for UK parliament 2015

I have today worked out that one would only need £1100 to stand at next years election and that mean with funding I could stand against Jo Swinson, Lib Dem Minister so utterly pro global warming that my sides ache … Continue reading

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The Decline and Fall of the British University

I found this at: Here The email given has bounced so I publishing it without permission. The goal of widening access to education is a noble one and very much in line with the motivations of the post-war British governments. … Continue reading

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Power resilience

Hearing this morning of the major fire at the Didcot B Power Station, and learning that due to several other problems on the UK grid, we are already likely to have problems if there is a cold spell in January, … Continue reading

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Why do academics get involved with policy?

I was reading an article and came across this: Sid Richardson College senior Maddie Camp said she thinks it is important to examine skeptics’ viewpoints to make progress on climate policy. Why is this academic getting involved with policy at … Continue reading

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