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A diplomatic silence

Over the years I have enjoyed the freedom to comment & speculate on what I thought was going on in the area of climate. However, recently I’ve written a string of articles, but have at the last minute decided that … Continue reading

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Global Warming Alarmism forecast: Cooling 2036 +/-10yrs

For a while I’ve been convinced there is a strong correlation between the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation and “global temperature”. AMO is shown below, I was going to post a graph of global temperature, but the problem these days is finding … Continue reading

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The Caledonian Party

There is currently a “gap” in politics in Scotland which is for a party with Scotland’s best interests at heart which is not obsessive about independence nor anti business as all on the left now are. I’ve been looking for … Continue reading

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#M80: Scottish Government get apology in early: SORRY! SOMETHING WENT WRONG

I spotted that there were problems on the M80 on twitter – a road that goes from us to Glasgow, so I immediately started looking into it. Eventually, as things quietened down I remembered the Scottish government have this site … Continue reading

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#m80 Snow Chaos hits Scottish Roads

There are two things that occur with annoying regularity in Scotland: the first is some inane politician going on about the effects of “global warming”and and the other is absolute chaos on major motorways when we get snow. Of course … Continue reading

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I hate science!!

You know that feeling when someone asks a question and you realise that your great new theory of science is wrong. You thank them for their observation … and then kick yourself for being such a dumb arse. And then … Continue reading

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The Caterpillar Effect on ice – pressure ridges and refrozen cracks

Addbeginum The following is a graph of the density of ice: When I first wrote the article, I said that ice expands when heated. Then I realised that ice expands when it forms, so I then reworked the article to … Continue reading

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The use of conspiracy theories to hide the truth

When Lewandowsky tried to attack climate sceptics as “moon landing conspiracists”, it opened my eyes to the possibility of using what he called “conspiracy ideationism” to attack groups and the possibility that it can be used to hide the truth. … Continue reading

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Reusing Batteries: canny Scots trick

The general rule of batteries like AA, AAA, C, D types, is that you should always replace old batteries with three NEW ones of EXACTLY the same type. The reason for this, is that if you use three batteries of … Continue reading

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And Now there is News: NASA climate Gavin Schmidt RIP!

I just go and write “there’s no news today”, and then … Via Tony Heller who himself got it from Roger Tallbloke: Donald Trump is poised to eliminate all climate change research conducted by Nasa as part of a crackdown … Continue reading

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