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Global Cooling starting in 2016

As we all known the alarmists were jumping up and down for joy at the prospect some global warming caused by the El Nino peek. So I have been interested to know when that peak occurred – and now it … Continue reading

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California’s Wind ‘Powered’ Dream Turns to Nightmare: Power Prices 40% Higher than US Average

The state of California has embarked on a 25-year green power odyssey in an effort to reduce the amount of CO2 we place into the atmosphere, all aimed at leading the world in an anti-climate change crusade for humanity. Beginning … Continue reading

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Update to

To coincide with #COP21, I’ve added a tweet button to (which includes the #cop21 hashtag). So please get tweeting. I’ve also, taken the chance to undertake a few other changes which I’ve been planning to the layout of … Continue reading

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Video showing disgraceful Spread of birdmincers across Scotland

The people responsible should be locked up in jail.

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Judith Curry: Natural variability – does she get it?

I finally got around to reading the great article in the Spectator about Judith Curry: ‘I was tossed out of the tribe’: climate scientist Judith Curry interviewed Which is interesting, because she’s starting to understand the “boundary problem” of academia … Continue reading

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Beginning of glaciers and the next ice-age? Rapidly increasing permanent Scottish snow

Earlier this year, following a few colder years in Scotland I wrote: “What should define the start of the next ice-age?” to which I suggested “the first year in which ice remains continuously on the Scottish mountains.” I must have … Continue reading

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Naomi Klein says Paris Summit "turning into a farce"

Has Naomi finally learnt a bit of science and come around to the sceptic view? Sadly the answer is no. Instead, it’s not the farce of a conference being held to stop global warming – after 18 years without any … Continue reading

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Tim Yeo former chair UK Climate Change Committee being investigated for Perjury

After Yeo, former Chairman of the UK climate change committee, was caught in a sting operation selling himself to greens, the judge described his evidence as “implausible”, “unreliable”, “not honest”,”dishonest”, “untruthful”, “untrue” and “unworthy of belief”. Bishop Hill – he … Continue reading

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Polar bears are doing fine

Like everything in Climate, polar bear numbers are another area of corrupt data which are turned into flagrant lies by the on-line eco-fascists. Above is the official polar bear estimate from 1981 to date (See PolarBearScience for more details). As … Continue reading

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More garbage claims

According to the blog “Sunshinehours” estimates of the human plastic content in the oceans – much like the human contribution to climate – have been vastly overstated. It was estimated that there were some 1million tonnes. That’s 170g per member … Continue reading

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