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2017 state of the global climate

Global Temperature Despite $trillions of spending predicated on a change in “global temperature”, there still remains no measurement of this figure. Most of the globe has no measurement at the surface particularly over the sea and the centre of large … Continue reading

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Apes making fire

As I was replying to some of the comments on the article on the development of farming, the subject of the development of fire came up. And I was lamenting the “fact” that no one ever lets chimps play with … Continue reading

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The development of Farming

When academics describe the development of any technology, they tend to portray it as some “lightbulb” moment, whereby Mr Ug suddenly has a brainwave and thinks: “if I planted this thing I could farm it”. But farming wasn’t some great … Continue reading

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T-Day for Climate Alarmists

At noon local time (5 PM GMT) on January 20, Donald Trump will take the Oath of Office and be sworn in as America’s 45th president. I’ve got fed up trying to work out how long that is, so I’ve created … Continue reading

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2016 in perspective & Happy Xmas and New Year

What a year! First Trump, then Brexit, then I spent five nights in hospital with some unknown illness – not knowing whether I’d come out again. Of course it started with the massive El Nino warming, and as I predicted, … Continue reading

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The final phase of the global warming scam: the lawyers

2017, the Global Warming scam will be torn apart by Trumps appointees in the US. And like many projects Global Warming has been through different phases. The last but one I’d describe as “disillusionment and lost of public belief”; The … Continue reading

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This is what I love about the Daily Mail

I read today the Daily Mail Headline: Glee to gloom: Climate and the ‘Trump effect’ Was this I thought, “someone like Rose celebrating the resurgence of science against the pseudo science of global warming” ….or was it “someone like AFP … Continue reading

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The Post-Internet-Revolution society

I’ve been watching the tweets of every MSP and MP for the last fortnight – and whilst I had a pretty dim opinion of our “pro-oil anti-fossil-fuel) Holyrood MSPs before I’ve started, I’ve gone from thinking they’re deluded to thinking … Continue reading

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The Theory of Non-Causality, Apparent Causality & Natural Variation

In this article I disprove the whole of modern science (at least the version taught in academia). I disprove much of the belief system present in modern academia and I show that global warming is natural variation. But accepting what … Continue reading

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The PC culture is sexist

There are three simple stats that show life is unfair to us men: Men die earlier Far more men than women commit suicide Far more men than women are in jail. If we then used the feminist assertions that we … Continue reading

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