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BBC Newsnight hit by PIW (Politically Incorrect Water)

For years the BBC have carried what seemed to be an endless propaganda campaign on global warming. I gave up complaining when they falsely called us “deniers” but I can never forgive them for likening those of us who are … Continue reading

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It's snow (again)

I’ve already declared this our snowiest winter in the last 20 years living here. The road is covered again. Whilst we don’t get as much snow as some would think (due to prevailing wind off the warm seas), we do … Continue reading

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The Anti-Greenhouse Effect (yes it is called that LOL)

This is a little gem I’ve got to share. Apparently not only have academics been daft enough to call the original effect the “Greenhouse effect” – when greenhouses work in completely different ways, but they’ve gone as far as to … Continue reading

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Analysis of a joke

And on today’s “Fun with functions” … I’ll explain how to ruin a dinner party with a maths joke: “There are two types of people the world: those who don’t understand my humour”. — Mike Haseler (@scotpolitik) February 14, 2018 … Continue reading

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Our snowiest winter

Having lived in our current house for about 20years, like many people who live pretty ordinary lives, I’m able to reasonably accurately judge what has been happening to the weather in our locality. We’ve had longer periods of ice – … Continue reading

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Ball wins: All it took was a few decent people willing to stand up against tyranny.

BREAKING: Tim Ball’s free-speech victory over Andrew Weaver – all charges dismissed! — Watts Up With That (@wattsupwiththat) February 14, 2018 When the history of these times are written it will be said that a few decent people stood … Continue reading

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On the nature of scepticism: Sceptic versus science

How many times have we heard various people proclaiming that we sceptics are “anti-science”. For those of us taught science at a time when we were taught to be sceptics: to doubt everything until it is proven by experiment, this … Continue reading

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