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The Sceptic dictionary

I’ve started a simple sceptic dictionary and would welcome suggestions for climatic terms to include and/or other improvements. The reason this is necessary is that any sceptic knows that the stuff written on Wikipedia about climate is dishonest and not … Continue reading

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After some thought I’ve decided the project would be better described as a  dictionary than a wiki (with collaboration if  there are people interested) so I’ve started a new page: I happened across a page in Wikipedia last night … Continue reading

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More proof green=gullible

Cfact have yet again shown the true nature of the daft people who believe in “global warming”.  They are just cannon fodder for the BIG ENVIRONMENT sharks who use them to line their own pockets:

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Pope kills "Global warming" !!!?

You’ve got to hand it to the Pope, his timing couldn’t have been better with the “Endafticle”. Because it now looks as if the Pope killed “Global Warming”!! As the following graph shows, “Global warming” (Blue) a term almost exclusively … Continue reading

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US EPA collusion with climate extremists

As far as I’m concerned, the EPA in the US have clearly an unequivocally conspired with climate extremists not only to break the law but to destroy the vary foundation of US democracy. Because under the EPA the president has … Continue reading

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Sick Climate extremists using the illnesses of others for their politics.

I’m really getting sick to death of the immoral climate extremists.  This time its the “Yale Climate connections” who are using sufferers of Asthma to push their nasty politics whereby the poor pay to make the rich like Al Gore … Continue reading

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How many generations of young gullible activists will swallow before they spit and squeal?

Year after year gullible green=naive activists are being used and abused by BIG ENVIRONMENT (the BIG BUSINESS which now makes its money feeding from the trough of public money). Like the  well intentioned but gullible interns at the EPA, these … Continue reading

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Fossil Fuels May Be Screwing Up Carbon Dating (do carbons date?)

I said it was a like a sweet shop. But the only reason I’m posting this story is I just love the idea of “Carbon dating” … which I presume is a burning desire to get attached to some rich … Continue reading

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There’s still snow on the ground in Buffalo

I feel like a kid in a sweet shop not knowing what stories to put on my blog. Having been  in the West of Scotland a few weeks ago and seeing snow still on the hills, this story doesn’t surprise … Continue reading

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Australia buried the will to act on climate change

There is just so many news stories speaking so loudly against the global warming scam that I’m starting to get overwhelmed. The simple fact is that the climate extremists are completely demoralised. I can’t go onto a forum without finding … Continue reading

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