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Change of URL

After a while using the domain: I’ve decided to change to This however, won’t be the biggest change as I’m planning to launch a new “in house” journal for sceptics at the beginning of 2020. That however may … Continue reading

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Google you’re barred

Google is a politically active organisation which truly represents the 1984 “Big brother”: invading everyone’s life and socially manipulating society towards its own vile politics & profit. Before I realised that their political manipulation of search results wasn’t just a … Continue reading

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The Price of Fish III

In the price of fish II I took the general concept of two societies with different costs of essentials (fish) and derived a relationship between fish (essentials) and shell necklaces (luxuries). This showed that the two were related in value … Continue reading

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SO2 caused the post 1970s warming

It’s been a while since I originally showed the geographical correlation between areas that used to produce SO2 in the 1970s and the hotspots that showed post 1970 warming. (link) This also explains why most of the warming occurred over … Continue reading

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Enerconics v. Spontaneous Innovation

This article focusses on one of the assumptions of the theory of enerconics which is whether innovation drives economic growth or whether we innovate as a result of economic growth.

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The future of academia

A few years ago before my son went to University I talked about the fact that much of what universities do could be automated using online media. I was told in no uncertain terms that I was wrong. A few … Continue reading

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The future of the press and media

50 years ago, anyone who wanted to sell a house, a car, or advertise a job, had very little choice other than to pay the enormous costs of advertising demanded by newspapers. And anyone looking for a job, a house, … Continue reading

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The Value of fish II

In the Value of Fish I considered two societies where the only difference was the rate at which they could secure life’s necessities (9 fish a day). In this article I want to generalise that concept. Let: d = average … Continue reading

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Breaking car windows underwater

If crossing a river in a car in anything but ideal conditions, or worse if you get caught in a flood, you would be insane not to open a window as the situation can quickly become life threatening with the … Continue reading

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Is it time to accept the Climate Cult as bona fide?

Over the many years I have been fighting against climate extremists, I have became increasingly frustrated, given the overwhelming evidence supporting scepticism, that apparently reasonable “scientists” consistently ignored the evidence and instead pushed quite irrational ideas. The evidence that there … Continue reading

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