Gab is great – why not join me! @haseler

On St.Patrick’s day, I thought I would find any twitter posters who might be interested to know that the evidence shows St.Patrick was born in Glasgow (and to know the people claiming otherwise are just ignoring the overwhelming evidence).
After a while I began wondering why no one was responding. Eventually I checked through another twitter account, only to find that I had been what is called “Shadow banned”. Apparently this happens to a lot of bloggers who put in URLs.
Well, for very good reason I was livid. I wouldn’t have minded if twitter had sent me a polite notice about posting URLs, but to let me think I was posting messages was not acceptable.
So, I finally decided to go online with
not least because I’ve seen an increasing number of people being “deplatformed” from facebook (I’ve deleted my account) and twitter – and I like to know what people are thinking – but clearly isn’t possible when extremist left wingers in twitter are decided who I can read.
So I’m now fairly regularly on gab. My handle is @haseler and the URL is: The only draw back on gab is that you’ll find you want to mute a few people – but unlike twitter, at least you know who you’ve muted and unlike twitter who are deplatforming almost anyone these days, you’ll know its for good reason.

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