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Change of URL

After a while using the domain: I’ve decided to change to This however, won’t be the biggest change as I’m planning to launch a new “in house” journal for sceptics at the beginning of 2020. That however may … Continue reading

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Bee-keeping: Playing the odds against catastrophic collapse

Last year I was given a beehive and some bees for a birthday present. This year I’ve realised that there’s a lot more to keeping bees than I thought: the biggest problem facing me being one of simple statistics: The … Continue reading

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My perfect polical party manifesto

After my experience in UKIP, I’ve realised that there are huge issues with all the present political parties as none of them represent my views. So, I was wondering what a political party would look like if it had a … Continue reading

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Parking global warming

It is said, that if you navigate a super-tanker, that you need to think miles ahead because of the time it takes the super-tanker to respond. Likewise, government is a bit dim-witted and ideas tend to get absorbed more in … Continue reading

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Jesus the sceptic

It’s traditional at this time to write some pointless diatribe about crucifixion, why the Xes shouldn’t be in Xmas, 666, the Holy grail and much more, so I thought I would join in and try my luck. And as Jesus … Continue reading

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Scots: more words for rain than Eskimos for snow

It is often claimed that “Eskimos have hundreds of words for snow”, but I wondered whether this is true or if there were more Scottish words for rain. First, the truth about the Eskimo or Inuit: David Robson, New Scientist … Continue reading

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Is the earth expanding? Massively!!

I’ve come across this video by chance. It breaks the known principles of science so it must be wrong, but I’m scratching my head trying to work out how to make it fit in with what I know. Have a … Continue reading

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In defense of Ramsay

I am going to take the highly unusual step (for me) of defending an academic against a blog post on Bishop hill. The issue at stake is carbon 14 dating as used by archaeologists to derive dates. And as I’m … Continue reading

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Caesar: the nature of intelligence

I was watching the prelude to Planet of the Apes and admiring how chimps which as far as I could see had never seen a lock after being given the “intelligence virus”, could suddenly because they are now intelligent, could … Continue reading

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The Human Reptile?

A long time ago animals were divided into “mammals” and “reptiles” from Latin repere “to crawl, creep”. Reptiles were the cold blooded, scaly creatures who lurked in cold water laid eggs and were basically “not nice” like fluffy furry mammals. … Continue reading

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