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The ultimate Sci-fi film?

Sci fi movies like star wars involve the creation of heroes fighting a dramatic war against some evil foe. I’ve already expressed my sympathies with the auks of middle earth – who are supposed to be an evil underclass living … Continue reading

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Latchmore Brook: Another piece of nature at threat from eco-fascists

To put it simply … they want to dump 10,000 tonnes of gravel into a stream to move it a few meters … because that is “natural”? Friends of Latchmore If there is one thing I learnt from my own … Continue reading

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Climate alarmists – forgetting the climate

These headlines today just about say it all: Climate Progress : 2 claims that Americans like to make about undocu­mented immigr­ants, debunked Climate Progress : In Fox’s ‘Pitch,’ women and sports aren’t mutually exclusive concepts Climate Progress : Twitter suspends … Continue reading

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Do climate sceptics risk becoming politically popular?

Asking a climate sceptic whether they want to become politically popular is one of the truly bizarre questions – because if we cared at all about being popular we’d have never been climate sceptics (back in the dark days before … Continue reading

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Out of Hospital – Update

12 days out of hospital and I’m still slowly returning to “normal” – although I’m still on strong drugs which have “interesting” effects and with the diagnosis as to what caused my stay in hospital still unclear I’m trying to … Continue reading

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