Tim Ball

Henrik Svensmark: The Cloud Mystery (1 of 6 = ~1hr)



Jasper Kirkby (CERN): Cosmic rays and climate


Short animation – the Cosmic Climate Connection



Prof. Dr. Nir Shaviv Präsentation on cosmic rays.



Prof. Dr. Vincent Courtillot Präsentation on climate records



Prof. Dr. Bob Carter Präsentation on geological climate record



Monckton presentation in St. Paul



Monckton/Canada – Climategate: FRAUD & HOAX!!
(1/5 ~45mn)



Monckton: The Climate Change Con



Climategate ‘hide the decline’ explained by Berkeley professor Richard A. Muller



Climategate song


Roy Spencer: Why The Global Warming Agenda Is Wrong



George Carlin on Global Warming



10:10 warmist Video


2 Responses to Videos

  1. Alex Garcia says:

    Floods? British MP says Climate Change not to blame
    This is a follow up to the statement he made in a similar
    opposition debate, before the COP21 Paris process ….
    Truth About Climate Change – British MP Exposes Government Sophistry
    Why is this man not the Secretary of State at the DECC,
    because he seems to know more than all those Government
    Ministers put together? We should lobby to have him appointed !

    • Alex Garcia says:

      Mike – just embed those videos on this page and then delete both these comments,
      or you might like to make a bigger story out of this. How is it that the Labour MPs seem to be driving this agenda with the greatest fervour, when it will cost so many jobs among their own supporters. Actually some of the comments made by Labour MPs during that debate are just embarrassing. What about that guy who cowered down grinning, after he made his asinine remarks, and then he visibly winces as Mr. Davies calls him out on the daft assertions he made, just as the camera cuts away. The entire much longer full debate is mostly lunacy from all sides. I might post a copy of the entire debate, just to show how lunatic they all are. I have an idea to put some “Honest Subtitles” in vision, you know like they do on BBC’s “The Apprentice”, that might be hilarious.

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