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Scotland had coldest summer in 14 years

Data covering 1 June to 29 August show that the average temperature was 11.8C, compared with an average of 12.8C last year. (Scotsman) UK summer the coolest for 18 years Met Office says average temperature was 13.6C (Guardian) ONE of … Continue reading

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Mainstream media starting to agree with Svensmark.

It turns out the sun’s cosmic rays play a commanding role in atmospheric cloud formation and thus surface temperatures. This is according to research in the Aug. 25 edition of the journal Nature by scientists at the prestigious CERN particle … Continue reading

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Some of my favourite videos

Henrik Svensmark: The Cloud Mystery (1 of 6 = ~1hr) [youtube] 08/03/2009 Short animation – the Cosmic Climate Connection [youtube] 17/01/2008

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How to get off the ground with nothing but water! (almost)

It seemed paradoxical to me the first time I worked it out , but it is a truth that wet air is less dense than dry air. Yes, if you wet air, it gets less heavy.  For anyone that has … Continue reading

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Cosmic rays, CO2 and clouds.

Just some thoughts on Cosmic rays, CO2 and clouds. Around half the heat of the sun transferred to the earth’s surface leaves as evaporation. That latent heat cannot be lost until that water is condensed in those fluffy things in … Continue reading

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Clouds in a jar … reveals a flaw in models of the climate (Economist)

Just how much cosmic rays affect cloud formation has, however, remained elusive. A team at CERN, led by Jasper Kirkby, therefore decided to recreate both the solar cycle and the atmosphere in a lab. Their “cosmic rays” are generated by … Continue reading

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Cosmic Rays vs the Global Warmers (Mail)

Understandably, then, sceptics are getting pretty excited by a paper published in Nature magazine this week in which scientists at CERN, the nuclear research laboratory near Geneva, have shown that radiation from space can affect the way clouds form in … Continue reading

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Climate "science" on a precipice

As everyone must know by now CERN have effectively confirmed the work by Henrik Svensmark and his hypothesis that there is a link between sunspots and climate with the implication that: most of the global warming of the 20th Century … Continue reading

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Are we on the verge of an eco-world war?

It was as I looked at the SUVs on the the dual carriageway in Tripoli, that I suddenly realised this could be the state of British cities within my lifetime: fairly typical cars seen on any British road, adapted with … Continue reading

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