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Nut Zero here we come!!! LOL

For years people have been telling us they wanted to have Nut Zero as soon as possible. Now, those people have a government with a whopping majority committed to Nut Zero, the other biggest parties are also massively in favour and so there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever not to go fool speed ahead with the biggest insanity in the world.

After all “It’s good for the economy” and “it brings down energy prices” and generally its the best thing in the world and there is absolutely no reason to oppose.

Well, now the public will find out the truth of their lies.

Yes, it will be like the charge of the light brigade with total carnage for a short period, but no one repeats the charge of the light brigade.

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Reform to be the new government

I was a little shocked today to find I had started to talk about a Reform government using English tenses that indicated it was going to happen. After a little thought, I realised that it wasn’t such an insane idea.

Usually, I would try to predict the election result using some form of estimation procedure working out current voter share, trends etc.

This time, voting intentions are moving so quickly that I cannot do that and produce anything meaningful forecast. Instead, I’m left with a gut feeling that Reform will win.

To what extent that gut feeling is valid, only time will tell, but I do have that gut feeling, and in the present election I don’t have any other means to attempt to forecast the result.

So, I am now predicting a Reform victory. That suggests the Tories will be virtually wiped out. Probably with less than 1o seats. Annoyingly Lib Dems may also do well. But no one likes Starmer. He was the smarmy git who took the electorate for a ride and assumed his victory was a sure thing … without the need to ever justify anyone voting for the smarmy loathsome creature. That strategy seems to have misfired.

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Will Farage beat Globalists Liebour?

With the UK Right out the picture, the UK elections have come down to a fight between the Popular Reform party and the UN-Popularist globalist party led by someone who is the complete opposite of what any party would put forward as a leader. Someone who was responsible for the crown prosecution service when they did absolutely nothing to stop Saville or the Islamic grooming gangs. And, note: the only person who ever got prosecuted was the person who did most to call out those who allowed it all to happen: Tommy Robinson.

Only Farage can now stop Liebour, an appalling globalist party that (at least since Bliar) has never done anything for the poor or socially deprived in Britain … instead it just panders to the $oros/Globalist agenda that puts up fuels costs and destroys democracy, stability and generally makes life a lot worse, especially for the poor.

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Trumps wins

The stupidity of the campaign against Trump has left me wondering whether it’s intended to get Trump elected. As far as I’m concerned, he’s just another US president. Less corrupt than many, but just as gullible on issues like the Israeli genocide.

At one time I might have said “as leader of the free world etc.”, but that is no longer true. The US is no longer the leader of anything except political corruption. Would Trump sort it out, not if his first term is anything to go by. The corruption did not end with Trump, although the corrupt clearly disliked Trump intensely, but realistically, he did little to change anything.

Perhaps another term would be different. He would know what he was letting himself in for and he would have a better idea how to tackle the blatant corruption now seen in the New York “court” … which is giving any real courts left a very bad name, because it is just a joke.

The stupid thing, is the US is on the way out, with or without Trump. Indeed, if Russia has to go to war with the West, it would clearly want Bidem as “leader”.

But it now looks like a sure Trump victory. Does it matter if he wins that way? Not on his own merits, but because of the stupidity of those against him? I could think of better politicians to be president, but they don’t have a chance now.

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Russia Responds to Western threats against Russia

Foreign Ministry statement ( on the Russian Armed Forces’ exercises held to practice for the use of non-strategic nuclear weapons

Regarding the upcoming Russian military exercises held to practice for the use of non-strategic nuclear weapons, we would like to point out that these drills should be viewed in the context of the recent militant statements made by Western officials and the highly destabilising actions taken by several NATO countries to increase military pressure on the Russian Federation <…>.

The matter concerns above all the open declaration of support for and the provision of direct assistance to the terrorist attacks against Russia carried out by the Kiev regime with the use of increasingly more advanced Western weapons provided to it. <…>

Apart from the British and French long-range missiles, which have long been used in Ukraine, we have taken special note of the models of US-made ATACMS missiles, which have been recently sent to Ukraine and are capable of reaching targets inside Russia.

At the same time, attempting to build up multifaceted missile threats to Russia, the US has openly and manifestly launched the deployment of ground-based intermediate- and shorter-range missiles, which were previously prohibited under the INF Treaty, around the world. <…>

We hereby expressly declare that we reserve the right to respond in kind, no matter where US-made intermediate- and shorter-range missiles are deployed, which would amount to the termination of Russia’s unilateral moratorium on the deployment of these weapon systems. <…>

These and several other actions by NATO countries actually show that they are deliberately trying to escalate the Ukrainian crisis all the way to an open military confrontation between NATO countries and Russia within the framework of their hostile policy of inflicting a “strategic defeat” on Russia.

There is a way to deal with Russia; But childish behaviour and empty threats from imbecilic politicians which Russia knows the west cannot back up, because of the insane policies like Nut Zero, won’t intimidate them.

If it came to WWIII, Russia knows that it is in a far better position than any of the west to recover afterwards. In contrast, it would be the end of the west. Russia has no long term interest in caving in to the empty and childish threats of the west, when it knows that either it would win or the west would be forced into a humiliating and catastrophic climb down.

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The death of an era

I have discovered today that Raquel Welch is dead … I am in deep mourning. OK, I’m about a year too late, and she died at 82 with Alzheimer’s, so not a bad run, but I would still have loved to talk to her or any of the cast of the film about it.

On the positive side, I’ve discovered that there was a 1940 version of One Million Years BC starring Carole Landis in the same role as Raquel and Victor Mature as Tumak. His best known film roles include One Million B.C. (1940), My Darling Clementine (1946), Kiss of Death (1947), Samson and Delilah (1949), and The Robe (1953). He also appeared in many musicals opposite such stars as Rita Hayworth and Betty Grable.

For the female star Carole Landis the 1940 role was also her breakout role and she was then known as “The Ping Girl” and “The Chest” because of her curvy figure … which explains why Raquel got the part.

Bizarrely the two films, separated by 24 years of improvement in cinema technology show almost the same scenes with pet lizard portraying terrifying dinosaurs inhabiting the world with man. It’s as if the technology had stood still!

And today’s other news: the camper van party is in trouble.

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I am stepped in so far into new thinking on my own … that I cannot go back to explain

I have been exploring the concept of human development by  “non-innovation”, in other words, the idea that everything evolved without any great thinkers or “eureka”  moments, and it has been extremely fruitful. Today I was looking at the development of farming … and I had a Eureka moment (which using the methodology I have, is not supposed to be part of human development).

The model says, that there is nothing special in this “eureka moment” even if it felt marvellous to me. Instead it was something that was going to happen inevitably and I just happen to be the person it happened to … and that was simply a result of the current state of human technological development. It was going to happen, whether I was around or not,  So, I am nothing special …. but it still felt good.

But aside from the paradox inherent in MY approach (and it is mine … so a Eureka idea … so very much a paradox in a theory that says “Eureka moments don’t matter” … and they do not “belong” to people … they are just an inevitable stage in development that was always going to happen.) ….

But aside from that paradox, I’m increasingly seeing that it is going to be very difficult to explain what I’ve done to academia. Academia is a stifling culture which praises and admires the  “Eurekas” … indeed it is very much a culture of the “inventor” and “expert” to whom it ascribes all great things. That is because it is a culture that praises the individual … especially the individuals in charge of academia.

They were never going to like my approach, even when it was obvious what I was doing, But now I find that I’m starting to develop quite sophisticated complex ideas of human development, which all rely on earlier work, non of it published. You cannot understand my latest ideas, without accepting and understanding the earlier …. non of it published,

Of course, publishing would improve the work through critique … and it will be far from perfect … but getting bogged down in long debates about detail would also destroy my ability and will to continue. The stifling culture of academia that “only changes one death at a time” is never going to accept anything so radical where even the approach is radical, but the result is a series of extremely radical proposals – all extremely controversial – so all draining my time to “argue my case” and therefore motivation to continue moving forward if I publish.

In current academia, even if you are an insider (not an outsider like me) to be accepted new ideas have to be pushed for the whole length of an academic career to finally be accepted. Because I am not so fettered, I’ve been able to do the work of half a dozen academic careers in a fraction of the time, albeit, the quality will never be as good as a thoroughly “traumatised” academic idea pushed for a lifetime against vicious critique.

Fortunately, I have no particular desire “to be accepted”, so I do not need any academic to agree with me. I just want to work it out … because the way we actually developed is absolutely fascinating. It’s like watching the very best thriller series, and never being disappointed. It’s like having my very own time machine … and I love it.

So, do I go back to start trying to explain … or continue the adventure into the unknown? Not a difficult choice.

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Looks like Arctic Sea Ice will be at a new maximum by 2040 … bye bye global warming cult!

In a new post on Twitter Tony Heller shows a graph that shows a marked increase in sea ice from a minimum around 2010. This suggests that the arctic sea ice will reach the maximum of the 1980s (a fraudulent start to the “trend”) in about 2040, or roughly a 60 year cycle putting us close to the half way point as we move from the more-open water to more-frozen phase.

Anyone that knows anything about the climate scam, knows that all the temperature data is and was cherry picked to show “warming”. That cannot be changed, but what will change is that the supposed icon of the global warming scam: melting Arctic ice, is now revealed to be a bogus trend totally at odds with the fraudulent temperature data. The two are increasingly incompatible and irreconcilable with each other.

It is now safe to say that global warming alarmism is in for a long period of decline.

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Phases of the covid jab debacle

1. Vaccines are good
2. The more vaccines the better
3. Anyone who doesn’t agree with Big Pharma’s profiteering from more and more vaccines is evil (according to Big Pharma propaganda)
4. There is no way to get a vaccine for a virus like Covid and we should rely on natural immunity
5. mRNA treatments are not vaccines
6. … mRNA treatments are now vaccines
7. … mRNA treatments are so good (for profits) that they don’t need testing
8. Anyone who disputes the wonderful untested mRNA treatments is evil
9. mRNA treatment is conquering covid
10. Natural immunity does not exist … it’s just a conspiracy theory by “anti-vaxxers”
11. There are no downsides to mRNA treatments
12. we won’t mention whether mRNA treatments worked …. but there are no downsides
13 OK, there might be downsides but they are rare
14. OK. there are downsides, but we were still right to force the public to take them
15. There are downsides, but it was still good … but we’re not going to give you any of the data that supposedly says how good they are.
16 There are downsides … can’t you just forget it!
17. Look there’s a squirrel … no one wants to talk about the jab
18. White worms? Calamari clots … don’t believe it
19 White worms? Calamari clots … Old Fred just died with that
20. White worms? Calamari clots … several people I know died with that
21 White worms? Calamari clots … could I get it? … perhaps we should look into it.
22. Albuslumbricusterristristhrombosis is a serious problem that urgently needs a shed load of money for research
23. If it weren’t for all those anti-vaxxers the issue of Albuslumbricusterristristhrombosis would have been solved long ago.
24. Everyone who took the jab now needs to be massively compensated (at the expense of everyone who didn’t take the jab)

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WWIII goes puff

How Russia will react to France sending Troops

This is how I think Russia are going to react to the French sending solders officially, rather than unofficially (many the French government have sent have already been killed fighting Russia).

Russia isn’t going to change its rules of engagement by even one comma as a result of this French insanity. If they are actively participating in the attack on what is now Russian soil, they are legitimate targets. The fact they are official French troops won’t change anything.

If France then triggers article five, as far as Russia is concerned the west don’t respect rules or agreements, so they are no more likely to respect article 5 than the Minsk agreement. But, if other countries want to be led by France into a full blown nuclear war… whatever article 5 says … that is their choice. It was going to happen sooner or later.

That is why Russia has drawn a red line about Nato expansion. Nato either has to respect that red line or try their hand at WWIII and likely nuclear war.

As far as the Russians are concerned, if it comes to Nuclear war … it was going to happen, and they may as well do it now when they have been preparing for it for decades under Putin than do it later when the West has had time to catch up.


Some people imagine that this war is about Ukraine. It isn’t. It’s much more complex than that. Russia has an alternative view of the world which is not one where every country is run & controlled by US globalists (those owning the media and google and big corps).

So, the US globalists want regime change in Russia, as they’ve done any other place that puts up resistance to being controlled by US globalists, and they saw the way to do that was a war in Ukraine. That would also block off Russia from the black sea, make it effectively landlocked on its southern border and prevent it supplying arms and support to the middle eastern countries being attacked by Ishrael.

Russia doesn’t have the best of records in Ukraine, and this enabled the US/CIA/Globalists to stoke up hatred of Russia through a network of neo-nasi groups in the country. They also regime changed by sending in snipers to kill both police and protestors and get their man(?) Zelensky installed as a pro-US-Globalist puppet.

The intention was for Zelensky to so repress & abuse the Russian speaking minority in Ukraine as to provoke Russia into a war, which was not intended to be “won” as such, but merely to allow the globalists to sanction Russian and destroy the economy, bring down Putin and then get their man in Russia … whereupon Russia would be carved up, US media would control the Russian media … the Russian elections would be rigged by their control over the Russian media, and Russia would become another poodle in the Globalist Harem.

But Putin, as a KGB officer, understood what the western globalists were up to. And, rather than falling for their bait, he waited his time whilst preparing for a long drawn out war leading potentially to WWIII. And, when Putin had undermined the western economies by “helping” Nut Zero and other similar strategies undermining our ability to fight, he chose the opportune time to trigger the war in Ukraine, in a way that played to the Russian strengths and made the west look stupid.

The west now has no way out, but either to give into Putin, or to escalate to WWIII … something that Putin has prepared for, and so probably thinks he can win.

In the meantime, the US debt is skyrocketing, along with other countries, and Putin is getting countries to ditch the US dollar which will very seriously damage the US economy and along with it, all western economies.

And, if the west were to trigger WWIII … that would inevitably cause a run on the dollar and trigger a very sudden and very deep economic collapse which would mean Putin would likely win without firing a single missile.

But why did the French go nuts?

France is particularly miffed with Russia at the moment, because having pushed the (Russian inspired) Nut Zero policy on the assumption that it would get huge advantage due to its use nuclear from Uranium mined in its former colony Niger … Russia has “inspired” a coop in that country cutting off France from its essential nuclear supplies. As a result the French zeal for the (Russian inspired) Nut Zero, means France isn’t going to have cheap nuclear power, but instead is going to commit eco-economic suicide like the rest of the EU & UK.


Putin has played a blinder of a game manipulating the west into a situation where it either has to opt for a humiliating climb down which may well tear the EU and Nato apart, or it goes ahead with WWIII, which will very speedily trigger the economic collapse of the west.

There’s a reason for them all being crazy … there’s no way out for them that preserves their credibility and maintains their positions.

It looks like Game Set and Match to Putin.

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