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How Sceptics won against the climate idiots

The problem for the climate idiots was a very simple one. Nut Zero is great in theory … but universally hated in practice.

And let me be clear … if Nut Zero were a diet plan, then we’re only at the stage of buying dozens of “low calorie” dishes and then eating them AS WELL AS the high calorie foods. There has been no reduction in CO2 globally. There has been no weight loss … yet still the populace are revolting. The morons like Handsome have lost. The science is clear: it isn’t a problem, the economics is clear: it cannot be justified, the engineering is clear: it can’t be done, the politics is clear: the public hate it.

To be honest, I thought the scam would have more staying power. If I had known how quickly the scam would fall apart, I would have been encouraging its “adoption” long ago.

The only remaining question is this: what is the next appalling fad going to be?


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White blood clots

The evidence shown by the new pathology of white blood clots linked to the jab is quite conclusive: the jab was deadly and we now have the “smoking gun” of the white blood clots.

Anyone who took the jab who learns about these white blood clots will be seriously worried.

It’s only a matter of time now, before those responsible feel their wrath.

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Net Zero Dying

 It is a real shame that Lord Lawson isn’t still with us to see the way Net Zero is imploding just a couple of years after the insane Tory party adopted the policy during the Totalitarian regime of Johnson.

Reality defeats daydreams!

1) European People’s Party wants to scrap EU’s 2035 ban on petrol and diesel cars
The Daily Telegraph, 19 January 2024

2) Conservatives pledge to scrap the EU’s petrol and diesel car ban if they win European elections
Electrive, 8 December 2023

3) Labour ditches flagship promise to spend £28billion on eco projects after funding row
The Sun, 19 January 2024

4) Labour denies axing £28bn green investment pledge
The Evening Standard, 19 January 2024

5) Union boss confronts Starmer over North Sea drilling ban
The Daily Telegraph, 19 January 2024

6) UK forced to buy record amount of electricity from Europe as wind and solar fall short
The Daily Telegraph, 19 January 2024

7) Net Zero Germany: A warning from a once prosperous country
The Times, 19 January 2024

8) Andrew Neil: Port Talbot has been sacrificed to the altar of Net Zero – which is why Labour’s crocodile tears are hard to stomach
Daily Mail, 20 January 2024

9) Allison Pearson: Port Talbot has been sacrificed to the angry god of Net Zero
The Daily Telegraph, 19 January 2024

10) Ross Clark: The madness of the Port Talbot closures
The Spectator, 19 January 2024

11) Don’t say you haven’t been warned: UK steel collapse ‘inevitable’ due to Net Zero
Global Warming Policy Forum, 21 March 2021

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2024 will be an “interesting” year

I posted yesterday about the covid scandal breaking in the next one to two years, but then I realised that Russia is going to defeat Ukraine and the US in much the same timescale. Likewise, Israel looks to be getting a bloody nose … as the world gangs up against it and will support the 1967 demarcation, whether Israel or the US or the elite in the UK, approve or not. They won’t have much choice about it. Likewise, it’s been looking like the financial crisis will hit us … again the next couple of years is a likely timescale. And, the illegal policy of mass break-ins to our country, is growing and growing as a hot issue. As for the climate scam … even I’m beginning to forget it’s still an issue. It’s dying before my eyes … again, the next couple of years will be a game changing there as well.

The die is cast, the Rubicon was crossed (a long time ago) … and a few others. What is going to happen, is going to happen and there isn’t a lot I could do about it, even if I wanted.

I am reminded of the instructions on fireworks … “light fuse and retire quickly before you get blown up”. Likewise, I did what I could to stop the fireworks, but whilst I cannot stop the show, I can at least see them coming and get the hell out the way.

Merry Christmas and make the best you can out of 2024!

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The Eye of the storm

Why am I so certain the covid scandal is breaking? Because the intensity of debate has dropped! That is the odd thing. People who used to be extremely upset that other people weren’t listening, and were all too ready to complain about the cover-up etc., are now starting to be quiet. That might be taken the opposite way I do: that the issue is dying down. But, instead, it appears to me, that those who have long been fighting for other people to listen to the evidence, have started being listened to, and that is why thy are less intense about the subject. But, those who have started listening, have not yet themselves either accepted the situation that the jab was a really bad idea, or grasped the true horrific implication.

At some point, what was originally those who did not take the jab, trying to convince other people not to take the dangerous medication, will start to change to those who did take the jab, leading the issue. At that point, we will start to see an exponentially increasing level of concern.

How rapid?

I cannot think of any parallel, where an overwhelming majority of people have been so severely impacted by such a massive withholding of information and mass “nudge” campaign of lies and deceit. The closest historical parallels are the German National Socialists, but after they were defeated, which is the equivalent of the scandal breaking, there was no need for Germans to act to defeat those who had lied and abused them. There was no struggle by the non-National Socialists against the propaganda machine of the National Socialists. But with the covid jab, the National Socialists are still in power in the nudge unit and NHS.

So, there will be a battle, and that battle will be fought by those whose livelihood and reputation stands … and falls … on their appalling decisions during the covid scandal, against those who have been damaged by their appalling decisions.

But, I do think that battle is going to be pretty intense.

I can’t help thinking it will take two years of utterly insane levels of media hysteria to bring down the nudge unit and NHS National Socialists who are responsibl. So, we can more or less clear the media schedules for 2025,2025 & 2027 as being solely devoted to getting compensation for the jab, and but ultimately turning toward a very vicious campaign to put in jail those who were “responsible”. And, let’s be honest, the politicians who find themselves in charge in 2027 … are not going to shirk from throwing people to the baying crowd.

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British Covid Compensation Cult

In 2020 or early 2021, I predicted that the covid scandal, anThere … done!d particularly the covid jab scandal, would break in about 5 years, or 2025. The prediction now looks to be right. Which made me start thinking about the post-breaking culture.

The main organisations who will be pushing for “compensation” for the covid jab, are going to be the same organisations who were encouraging talk of concentration camps with hints of National Socialist style executions. For there is nothing that a massive amount of self interest won’t do to change the mind of BBC “journalists”. So, there is absolutely no issue for them doing a handbrake turn through 180degrees and starting to campaign on entirely the opposite front, and that is for “compensation” for the ” ‘vaccine’ injured”.

Of course, they won’t actually be interested in the people who have suffered greatly from the jab, just as they have no interest in those who suffer fuel poverty or suffer from the regular vagaries of normal natural climate. But, those were just past ways to create filler for the BBC. The damage done by the Covid jab, however, is something very personal to these journalists. If they went on and on and on and on and on about climate which was doing nothing, just imagine what they will do about the covid jab that has likely seriously impacted the future of their health. They are not going to accept the fact that no one really knows how much damage they’ve done to themselves, nor what, if anything, might be done to reduce it (save a time machine and not taking any of the jab).

Fortunately, the current risk only looks like reducing life expectancy by about 10%, or perhaps 5-10 years for the average person. That is about the same order of magnitude as smoking, so it is one that people can and will tolerate without too much fuss. But, not for the health fadist, “the world must do precisely as I order” BBC journalists. They will not be able to tolerate such a “massive” reduction in life expectancy, and worse, those hypochondriacs with zero understanding of science will be totally incapable of handling the fact that no one really knows what health disasters awaits them.

So, just as they have taken every other subject, from climate to covid itself, and blown them totally out of proportion to any credible “threat”, so, with the jab, they are going to do the same and convince themselves that it is the end of the world.

So …. I thought I would just get this in very early:

I am already sick to death with the BBC going on and on about the need for the ” ‘vaccine’ injured” to get compensation, and how every other bit of medical research now needs to be shelved to focus solely and exclusively on the problems of those who took the jab.

To be serious, I’m not looking forward to these BBC nutters finally having a real issue with real implications, which just happens to directly affect them.

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Net Zero is dead in any meaningful sense

The Net Zero extremists, were only ever a small minority, yet the majority allowed them to get away with murder, quite literally because many people have died due to the fuel price rises, the policies of food price rises, the destruction of forest to grow “green” crops etc.

Fortunately, and as I rightly predicted, the cost of net zero was not just eye watering at the time they started on the insanity, but net zero has put up the cost of net zero, so that the costs increase every step of the way so it literally is an impossible target to reach except by giving up all pretence to a modern economy.

And, fortunately, the costs now cannot be hidden as they were on electricity bills where the costs of the green taxes were hidden by being charged on the supplier and not the consumer.

So what happens now?

Net zero will not go away. Politicians will continue to claim that they are all in favour of Net Zero, but they will not do anything at all about it, because only a tiny group of extremely rich and lazy students with nothing else to worry about, will imagine that Net Zero is a priority. It will now stand aside the ambitions to get rid of poverty (when poverty is defined as below the average income), or to get rid of crime … whilst not changing any spending or priority to achieve that.

Indeed, I think we will start to see, just as they have recently, flying off to an oil producing country to talk about ending oil and oil use, we’ll see  politicians embracing “more oil” along with “Net Zero”.

Which, means they will be inventing a new name for the meaningless platitude. “Climate friendly” might be such a term. As in “we are committed to climate friendly policies”.

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The covid scandal is breaking

There’s nothing really specific, but I just feel the mood is changing.

For example, I tuned in to Rumble to watch Dr Campbell, who has some pretty devastating evidence, particularly after the guy in  New Zealand for arrested for publishing official data showing I think juries will treat as mass murder.

And, by coincidence Russel Brand, is going with the same excess deaths. There’s also been a lot of other things, which are symptomatic of a scandal beginning to break into mainstream “thought”.

How long? That is difficult to say. Experience is teaching me, that there is a long time between “it looks like breaking” and the legacy media finally admitting that. So, I’m still going with my prediction of 2025 as the point it really takes off, by which I mean people start being charged and brought to court, but I’m beginning to think that 2024 is going to be a year when everyone but those in charge start talking about the scandal.

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I have noticed that the less I write here, the angrier people get about Net Zero.

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Most Sycophantic Bootlicking addresses

I recently tried to find an example of one of those cringing addresses that appear in movies where some bootlicker is trying to ingratiate with someone who only got their position because an ancestor slept with a Harlot. After hours of searching, where it was so fruitless that I had to start wondering if disrespecting those in power was now also being censored, I found these. At least I know how to find them now.

Wherefore most gracious Sovereign, I … in my most humble manner, prostrate at your gracious feet, I only beseech your Majesty with your own high prudence and your accustomed goodness consider and weigh the matter. (TRIAL OF SIR THOMAS MORE: Letter to Henry VIII)

To the King’s most excellent Majesty: MOST GRACIOUS SOVEREIGN, We, your Majesty’s faithful subjects of the colonies … entreat your Majesty’s gracious attention to this our humble petition (US colonists to their lord and master in Britain)

I beg to move, That an humble Address be presented to Her Majesty as follows: Most Gracious Sovereign, We, Your Majesty’s most dutiful and loyal subjects, the Commons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Parliament assembled, beg leave to offer our humble thanks to Your Majesty for the Gracious Speech which Your Majesty has addressed to both Houses of Parliament. (Gerald Kaufman – 14 May 1997)

Clearly the British and particularly the US have a particular penchant for crawling to royalty. Blackadder does a spectacular spoof of it in the Christmas Carol where he gets to see the future:

Asphyxia: …and hail to you, my Triple-Husbandoid. I summon you here to group-greet our swift imperial navies home.

Approach, Grand Admiral of the Dark Segment and Lord of the High-Slung Bottoms of Zob!

[Commander Blackadder walks forward]

Blackadder: ‘morning.

Frondo: To you, Blackadder — thrice-endowed Supreme Donkey of the Trouserpod — this much greeting [he raises a hand up to his forehead and lowers it with two and a half vertical waves].

Pigmot: [speaks with American dialect] I, too, bold navigator [he gives four vertical waves], cringe my dribblies at your resplendent pofflesnu!

Blackadder: Yes, well, that won’t be necessary, thank you.

Likewise, Jane Austin is apparently full of it:

I have been so fortunate as to be distinguished by the patronage of the Right Honourable Lady Catherine de Bourgh…whose bounty and beneficence has preferred me to the valuable rectory of this parish, where it shall be my earnest endeavour to demean myself with grateful respect towards her Ladyship. (Fictional – Jane Austen)

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