The New Normal

I heard on the grapevine that allegedly Scotland is back to “normal” … which I suppose means the SNP are being as nasty as ever but now without their muzzles.

As I went out delivering leaflets yesterday for the Freedom Alliance party, things seemed to be much the same … except no one trusts the press or politicians. And, it’s not the old “they always lie”, it’s a new: “they are intentionally deceiving us” and a feeling they are constantly attacking us.

I think it’s because as people slowly wake up to the fact that the lockup had no benefit, the masks were almost useless and the jab INCREASED transmissions and did not reduce the overall death rate, the one loser from the last couple of years, is the reputation of the Old Mainstream Media and Old parties (and I include SNP has Old and discredited parties). None of them stood up for our rights, for science or the truth. They all just loved the Totalitarianism.

However, I will be honest, I think this election, the biggest impact is that a huge chunk of people, just won’t be able to bring themselves to vote for anyone. And, being told by the lying press to vote for parties intend on putting up fuel costs and further destroying our lives through general price rises is not going to make anyone love the OMSM more.

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Current View on the Climate

I’ve been relatively quiet on the climate for a while, so I thought it was worth explaining my current position: nothing has changed. Basically there is no evidence that leads me to believe that the 20th century “change” is even a provable change, instead it may well all be due to data fiddling. And, even if it were in part or full an actual change, it is still well within the normal range of natural variation. That is not to say I would reject human caused change, although I suspect the most likely change is the reduction in SO2 emissions that occurred after the 1970s clean air acts. And, yes changing CO2 affects the surface temperature, but REALLY … the effect is quite small and overwhelmed by other contributions like cloud.

So, why am I being quiet? Firstly nothing was happening … and there was no point just waiting for the next change in climate … when nothing was happening. And I needed change to progress my understanding, specifically of the ice-age cycle. So, I may as well get on with other things in the meantime as I wait. As for action on the insanity, to put it simply: if people want to worship some insane climate cult … surely that’s their business?

But, if they want to end fossil fuel use … it’s quite clear to me that the effect is going to be a massive impact on the economy which will do far more to end the stupidity than I could achieve sitting on the internet every day. The laws of physics and economics (which I join together in a concept I call Enerconics), dictate that being stupid about energy, inevitably leads to a very nasty economic consequence. I cannot do anything about that.

And this is just what we are currently seeing … as the nutters cut off fossil fuel production, prices are rising, not just of energy, but throughout the whole economy as we enter a vicious feedback that will lead to spiralling costs and economic chaos. The effects on teh cost of energy will be massive and (if you understand what is actually going to happen) the result is a quite terrifying vicious cycle. People will die … even relatively small increases in energy costs, leads to many people dying. But what they are doing will lead to horrific consequences. And, unfortunately, until the idiots in charge start seeing mass scale deaths and economic collapse, I don’t believe they will stop being the climate nutters they are. But I am not responsible for those deaths … the eco-nutters and the gullible policies are entirely responsible for them.

I hope this explains my position. I am no less convinced of the insanity of the climate cult indeed every year the insanity increases, I grow more convinced that they care nothing about the actual science or evidence … I am just being pragmatic, that it will take the obvious calamity being caused by their insanity, for most politicians to wake up.

Let’s hope the insanity over covid leads to a rethink about the reliance on highly politicised climate academics as “experts”. But, even if not, I don’t think it will be very long before the mounting economic crisis caused by the insane climate policies forces a rethink.

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Public want an end to fracking ban – I’m a sceptic

  • By a margin of 44% to 36%, the public are in favour of lifting the controversial ban on shale gas extraction, a new Savanta ComRes poll has revealed.
  • The poll, commissioned by campaign group Net Zero Watch, showed that Conservative voters were most in favour of lifting the temporary ban, with 57% in support.
  • 26% of UK adults thought ensuring national security more important for Britain’s energy policy than achieving Net Zero by 2050, with just 16% rating Net Zero as the most important factor. 

Steve Baker MP, who leads the NZSG’s Steering Committee, said:

“We now face soaring energy bills and an imperative for energy security. Technology is not yet able to allow renewables to provide that security so we must look at all the options that are available in the UK. Lifting the moratorium on fracking has more support than the Government realises and is much better than importing LNG from overseas.”

As a sceptic, I have to say: given the science didn’t support the fracking ban, nothing has changed. I wanted to win on the science, not because Net Zero was an insane policy. And, if people start changing their view “on the science” … because they don’t like the outcome, then what does that say about decision making? It just means the same non-science will eventually rear its head, when Putin’s funded green groups next get their Russian pay check to spread their vile anti-western industry and society lies. (Obviously helped by the Chinese funding woke in our Universities)

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The fall of the west

We’re not quite at the stage of burning Christians or demanding worship of the emperor, but we are now seeing the fall of the west like the fall of the Roman empire. I simply don’t have time to list all the insanities from covid, to ukraine to climate which are now occurring. The rule of law has ended, we now have government by dictate, it’s more or less accepted Buydem not only stole the US election, but was taking money from Ukraine and the US “intelligence” agencies are now openly interfering in elections and investigations like the Hunter Buydem laptop.

Basically, the totally unacceptable has now become so run of the mill, that it hardly passes for comment: “the US ‘president’ was accepting bribes …. move along”. Big pharma are bribing every politician and health “advisor” … move along. The evidence show unequivocally the lockup was a total disaster, that lives were lost, that industry was destroyed … nothing to see here … enquiry? It’ll report back after Net Zero is achieved!

Here in Scotland we have “elections” in a few weeks. In previous elections I wanted to not only vote, but take part. But now it doesn’t matter. The same crooks will get in whoever we “vote” for … indeed why bother holding elections at all? They are probably already fixed.

Corrupt policies are now openly foisted on people who never in a million years would vote for them. The media is 24/7 blatant propaganda. I could just as easily said “Big Brother is here” … except Big Brother, for all its destruction on rights and humanity was economically successful. I don’t see that happening for the west. It’s more akin to the fall of the Roman empire mixed with USSR/Pol pot Totalitarianism. Government interference in the private sector is now all pervasive, the mantra of “green” is becoming an excuse for total control over the private sector, the like of which was not even seen in the USSR. And, the result will be far worse than the five year plan of Stalin.

If this sounds downbeat …. if it seems like the cost of living crisis is getting to me … the answer it no! In a strange way, I’m quite upbeat to have been proven right that the net zero insanity is going to end in economic and social turmoil. “I told you so”, hardly does my feelings justice. You total utter braindead twerps for going along with the insanity … is getting there!

And, I can hardly be blamed for it happening … having spent >15 years trying to stop it happening. But, we live (or used to live) in a democracy … and people chose this path, and perverse as it seems, if you vote for fascist green policies …. then that is what you should get. People literally voted for the cost of living crisis, for the destruction of the western economy and society … and, if there is one think that makes democracy … it is getting what you voted for.

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Nuclear shelters

I’ve started today to plan how to build an emergency bomb shelter in case of nuclear war, either with Russia or China. I could have just decided: “I don’t want to be alive after a nuclear war”, but knowing my luck, if I had that attitude I’d survive and then I’d be really angry.

Will it happen? The world has gone nuts. It’s like trying to predict the movement of a fire hose with the pressure on high as it snakes all over the place. As they remove the influence of sceptics who used to keep sanity, anything becomes possible, because without scepticism, hysteria goes mad … any small bit of hysteria could lead to the most insane outcomes … and so what happens is no longer predictable.

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I’m starting to see people who were formerly buying into the narrative about jabs, getting quite angry. I’m starting to see people saying “I told you the energy crisis was coming because of your insane energy policies … and you did not listen”. And at least one old media outlet has reported on the pfizer documents they were forced to release by order of a court.

This could be the start of a trend. If so, it’s hard to work out how it would interplay with the Nato – Russian aggression.

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Is this how civilisation ends?

For a while I’ve been stating the problem of what I call “hysteria feedback loops”, where hysteria presented by the media, goes out into the world and then gets taken in by the media who start believing their own distorted view of the truth. And, as the media, or other propagandists typically do, they egg the truth, and … a while later they start hearing that echoed back to them by other media outlets, politicians, the public, and they then start believing that distortion is true. And, so a vicious cycle of increasing hysteria can and does occur. Notable historical episodes were in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia & China (five year plans) and Pol Pot, etc. … all of these occurred after rapid changes in flow of information through cinema, cheap newspapers and then TV.

The reason we don’t often get hysteria feedback loops, is due to one phenomenon: that many people are altruistic enough to understand a subject themselves and then to start to ask the awkward questions like: “do you have any evidence for that?” Sceptics are the people who stop the world sliding off into oblivion by bringing them back down to earth and asserting common sesne … unless that is, the sceptics aren’t allowed to have a say, which is what Google and others have been doing recently.

The result of the evil of Google, is that you can’t question the insanity of climate alarmism … nor point out the obvious that CO2 is good for plants, because that is now taboo; those who pointed out that 2020 with covid was BETTER in terms of age adjusted deaths than every year before 2008 or that giving an experimental jab to millions of people who were at almost no risk from covid and massive risks from the jab, was not just illegal, but totally insane … Google repressed them.  Your website is pushed down the rankings so it cannot be found, your you-censor channel was demonetised or just banned, and likewise twitter sends your tweets to the bottom of the pile where no one sees them and basically Big Tech repressed and censored the sceptics.

The result of this evil censorship of the sceptics who prevent hysteria feedback loops, was covid hysteria: the most damaging hysteria over a flu ever seen … and the hysteria pushed policies that were totally utterly useless or usually harmful and unbelievably expensive. TOTAL HYSTERIA… for a death rate LOWER than every year before 2008 = TOTAL DELUSION.

And, I warned that the next feedback loop may well trigger a nuclear war … and hey presto … with the news media already obsessed with UK rain (why does climate always trigger them), and with Russia apparently wanting to take our rain, apparently we are now heading toward nuclear war. Normally that would be a “threat”, but when hysteria feedback loops are already operating, it now seems inevitable that it will happen.

And the result of even a limited war … will be reprisals (delusional … but that is what delusional feedback loops create) and the result of that will be the nuclear winter, and that could potentially (likely?)trigger the next ice-age.

And, no one anywhere is going to do well in the next ice-age … it’s very much a loose loose – loose loose (loose loose = everyone does extremely badly!! I’d estimate 90% death rates being optimistic**).

Cunning Plan?

I don’t have one. The world is going mad as these hysteria feedback loops grow ever more intense and (based on the density of articles everywhere) people are quickly getting more and more delusional (obsessional?). My only “plan” is to stay out of these delusional feedback loops, and hope either:

  1. scepticism develops rapidly to control the hysteria (a forlorn hope based on the last two years where scepticism completely failed)
  2. an opportunity to avoid the worst of the mayhem presents itself.

A silly plan -prepping

There are people who are into “prepping” … which basically is a way to sell gullible people silly gadgets that they would never use in an emergency.

** I said every loses …. that might not be strictly true. I’ve identified a few places where (at a wild guess) I might head to if the ice-age were starting … but more than likely, even if I got there early, everyone else will start heading there and so it might appear to be a better place to be, but not with 7billion people attempting to head there also.

Better to be a rat in the king’s sewer, than the King in his castle with the entire world trying to break in!

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Forgiveness – only after they pay the price

I wrote a reply to this article: Michael Gove says ‘Christian forgiveness’ is needed over partygate, but in today’s world of silent censorship, the fact I posted it, and think it is there for others to see, as I can see it, doesn’t mean anyone else can see it. So, I am posting it here:

What I would like to ask Mr Gove is this simple question: does he forgive the German elite of WWII who similarly used mass media propaganda to manipulate their people? Because if he doesn’t how can we forgive his government, when they used the same mass media lies and distortion from their nudge unit: the bread and butter of every Totalitarian regime in the 20th century!

Yes I forgive the Germany people. Because the German people of WWII, were not intrinsically bad, but they were made that way when politicians created that situation using the new technology of radio, film and mass media newspapers to deliberately mislead the German people … and in that process, they created a vicious cycle of lies hatred, and focussing their hatred on the “untermensch” which eventually led to the atrocities of the camps.

Everyone should recognise that the early demonising of the Jews (and others) as occurred in Germany as being very similar to almost the same demonising of the “unvaxed” that the nudge unit and government attempted: we even had the same requirement to show papers proving we had the acceptable genetics (i.e. jab). We also saw the beginning of concentration camps in Australia for the “untermensch”, together with a worldwide attack by the internet mafia. If the virus had continued to enable their mass media lies and terror campaign …. who knows where it would have ended?

And, don’t say “it wouldn’t have ended in an atrocity” when everything we did after WWII to stop it ever happening again, particularly the Nuremberg code, was totally and ruthlessly ignored. The code, said no one can be forced to take an experimental treatment. The jab was undoubtedly experimental … and many many people were forced to take in amounting to a serious crime against humanity.

I have no doubt, given the history of Totalitarian regimes, that we were on the verge of a vicious and evil spiral of WWII type dimensions where the moral boundaries were pushed back and back, the economy ruined, our freedoms gone, until the “untermensch” became the ultimate scapegoats for the government’s own appalling behaviour. Especially now we see the total contempt they had for “their own” people: a government that literally treated us like animals to be herded into pens for ILLEGAL injections under the Nuremberg code, whilst thy PARTIED.

Forgiveness is always possible … but not until those responsible for taking us so close to the appalling nightmare scenarios seen in the early 20th century pay the price. Because the reality remains: despite all the legal constraints from the Human rights act to Magna Carta, to the Nuremberg code … nothing stopped these evil politicians treating us like animals and riding totally WWII style roughshod over our rights and freedoms.

If nothing stopped it for a mere flu … what will stop them next time someone dreams up some fake emergency to enslave us with? NOTHING. We were entirely let down by the press, politicians, judges and even the police.

They must pay the price … so that no one dares ever attempt this appalling Totalitarian Terror campaign on us again …. then we can discuss forgiveness.

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Mass Formation, WWII, Climate, Witches and sceptics.

I have formerly developed the idea that the information revolution was going to have/now having profound effects on our society, and seeing that happen with covid, I have likened it to being akin to what happened in WWII Germany: mass propaganda, creating a vicious hysteria positive feedback loop. So when I heard about Mass Formation, it was a very welcome expansion of the idea. In particularly, it explained the phenomenon in psychological terms.

However, there are differences between my ideas and mass formation. My own viewpoint, is mechanistic and is based on the historical changes that occurred as a result of the changes in information delivery such as that of printing. In essence the question I was trying to answer was: Why did we see such fundamental changes in this period such as the overthrow of the Catholic Church, the rise of (middle-class) democracy as well as some horrific incidents like the inquisition and the witch trials? In each of these, I found that printing, and the dramatically lowered costs of disseminating views, was the key change that triggered these events. For example, the printing of books on supposed “witchcraft” such as that by King James was instrumental in stirring up the witch finding delusion.Likewise, the authority of the Catholic Church began to be challenged, when individuals had not only direct access to the Bible in their own homes, but were then able to print their views for others to read. This changed the nature of argument from “you must believe this because the catholic church says … ” to “you must believe this because (I have read) that it is written in the bible that ….”. Truth was no longer what the catholic church said was truth … it was now what an individual reading a book in their own home decided it was. Continue reading

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The Paper which mean Fauci, Big Pharma execs and many world “leaders” face the death penalty

New Study Emerges From 145 Countries Showing Increase of Death After COVID Vaccines Introduced

The scientific study, “Worldwide Bayesian Causal Impact Analysis of Vaccine Administration on Deaths and Cases Associated with COVID-19: A BigData Analysis of 145 Countries,” finds that in the United States, COVID-19 vaccinations account for an increased transmission rate of 38% and a 31% increase in death rate.

The news could almost not be worse for the Biden administration and those who tote the mandatory vaccination line. Researches found that 89.84% of the 145 countries experienced a negative impact after COVID-19 vaccinations were made available. The study stated:

“Results indicate that the treatment (vaccine administration) has a strong and statistically significant propensity to causally increase the values in either y1 [variable chosen for deaths per million] or y2 [variable chosen for cases per million] over and above what would have been expected with no treatment.

y1 showed an increase/decrease ratio of (+115/-13), which means 89.84% of statistically significant countries showed an increase in total deaths per million associated with COVID-19 due directly to the causal impact of treatment initiation [vaccines].

y2 showed an increase/decrease ratio of (+105/-16) which means 86.78% of statistically significant countries showed an increase in total cases per million of COVID-19 due directly to the causal impact of treatment initiation.”

The groundbreaking study also found that countries recording the fewest COVID-19 deaths in 2020 (before vaccinations) experienced “hundreds or thousands of percentage increases in total deaths” after COVID-19 vaccinations were introduced.

(link & coverage link)

My Comment

This paper, using readily available data, so easily replicated and no chance to hide it, shows an increase in deaths and the spread of covid due to the jabs. It therefore follows that the jab killed people and given that the evidence it was killing people would have been available to Fauci, Big Pharma and world “leaders”, the charge of murder seems to apply. Which given the number of deaths, makes a death sentence almost inevitable.

It’s a total game changer for the pro-freedom & pro-human-rights movement. Of course those who pushed the murderous forcing of lethal jabs on people will try to suppress it … what else can they do? … but short of changing history, they won’t be able to.

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