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Consultation on Feed-in Tariffs for solar PV

The government have announced a review of feed in tariffs for solar PV. According to their website the review will consider all aspects of the scheme including: tariff levels degression rates and methods eligible technologies arrangements for exports administrative and … Continue reading

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The best social critiques see society from outside.

Those who are furthest from the centre of society are most able to see society from “outside” and so most able to see its failings; but being so far from the centre, they are also least able to engage with … Continue reading

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Thanks to Roger Helmer

For those who did not know Roger Helmer, he was an MEP whose efforts confronting the exaggerated claims of CO2 were an inspiration to people like me. So, I was literally shocked to hear he was leaving the European Parliament. … Continue reading

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Due to pressure of work, I am not able to blog.

Unfortunately (for very good reasons) I’m having problems at the moment finding time to put anything together for the blog and this seems likely to continue into the foreseeable future. So, I would just like to say, thank you for … Continue reading

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Long gone yet still to come

A very strange week. I’ve not had time to do any of my usual reading. Even WUWT has had to suffice with a cursory glance. Now longannet is cancelling the ridiculous CO2 capture scheme and good riddance. Fundamentally it seemed … Continue reading

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Organisation update: the correspondence folder is full!

Work toward The Scottish (insert name) organisation is progressing very well, although I quickly realised the advantages of the paperless office when I decided to print out all the correspondence for a discussion regarding the meeting. Honestly, the folder is … Continue reading

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NASA – was it responsible?

OnĀ  20nd July 1969 a man of Scottish Ancestry stepped onto the moon, to view a desolate landscape above which rose a small blue disc: a beautiful planet, an isolated lonely planet, set against the utter blackness of space. This … Continue reading

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