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The truth behind the environmental movement

The truth about environmental protesters: They are almost clueless not only about the issue they are protesting about but on the simplest science. They have no real interest in the issue but just move from one to another. These events … Continue reading

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Sustainable Capitalism

This is a paper I wrote 2003 and sent to the UK conservative party. No idea if anyone read it, but sad to say, after this paper, the conservatives “went green”. Although from before I knew there is no real … Continue reading

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Are we on the verge of an eco-world war?

It was as I looked at the SUVs on the the dual carriageway in Tripoli, that I suddenly realised this could be the state of British cities within my lifetime: fairly typical cars seen on any British road, adapted with … Continue reading

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More eco-madness: ban risk taking cyclists

I wish I hadn’t worn a helmet when I cycled each day along the notorious Great Western Road in Glasgow when I did my MBA at Strathclyde (the busiest and wettest road I’ve ever had the misfortune to ride on). … Continue reading

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