The tide has turned on the global warming scam

For years, the only evidence of “global warming” except bogus faked NASA temperatures was an apparent melting of glaciers. I say “apparent”, because once people like NASA have been caught fiddling one lot of figures on global temperature, there’s no knowing what else they will fiddle.
NASA of cause asserted that it was beyond doubt that glaciers were melting because of their “warming” of the global temperature. However, sceptics like me thought it very possible that from 2000-2020 we are experiencing the warmest phase of the North Atlantic oscillation. This oscillation is due to changes in ocean currents.
The one thing that started to put me off this idea was that we couldn’t see any signs of the recooling. Ironically, who should give us the first evidence of the necessary changes that lead to cooling temperatures? Nasa!


First, if this is happening to one Glacier, it is likely also happening to many more, because the cold current (or lack of warm current) is probably affecting a very substantial area.
Second, whilst significant, this is a minuscule change of average temperature, far smaller than what we normally experience and for all reasonably purposes of day to day living it can be ignored.
The video shows that around 2000 the entire depth of the sea water in the fjord was warm. Then around 2015 (at the time of El Nino), there was a massive very hot layer on the surface this helps warm the air (or doesn’t cool it if you prefer). But since 2015, this layer has been disappearing and instead, colder water has been “coming in” at depth – sandwiched between warmer layers at the surface and still warmer layers at depthNazi
So apparently at times colder water overlies warmer water and sometimes the reverse. This is not possible in terms of density unless there is another factor affecting density such as salinity. So it really is not possible to properly interpret it without also knowing the salinity.
But what is also very interesting is what this does to “global temperature”. What we mean by this is the SURFACE temperature – the bit we experience. But this part, equivalent in mass to 10m of water, is NOTHING  compared to the 1000m of more of ocean depth. So, why don’t we have a metric of “global average temperature” which is the average of ocean temperature? Because like all that is so fake – the idiot low-quality academics who took over climate “science” – couldn’t admit that the only data they had (from temperature stations next to airports) was totally inadequate for the job.
And rather than doing the job properly and measuring actual average ocean temperature, what NASA and their ilk did recently was to start using a bogus metric based on ocean “heat” – which undoubtedly was chosen to pick layers in the ocean that had been warming. But as you can see from the graphic of constantly changing ocean layers, is that you could very much get whatever trend you wanted by cherry picking the ocean depth at which you would “measure” ocean temperature. This is why any current “temperature” metric that involves ocean heat is a total fraud – it isn’t heat and it certainly is being cherry picked to produce the right “warming” trend.
But it’s equally interesting for what is happening to actual global SURFACE temperature. Because it shows that heat is constantly being redistributed throughout the various layers of the ocean … a bit like a game of cards where people win and lose the SAME cards. Of course, if you only monitored one player – you would see trends. But if you monitor the total cards held by every player, then the total cards remains the same. Likewise, the same heat can be shuffled around the oceans – monitor only a section and it can warm or cool for while – and as we on the surface are just another player in the reshuffling of the earth’s heat – we occasionally get more occasionally get less.

Future temperature trend

The best prediction for future temperature is given by the following video. Take the hose length as being the depth in the ocean, and the position as representing temperature. The guy is the “forecaster” and the hose end is the actual temperature.

However, despite the fact the “temperature” is entirely unpredictable … the hose doesn’t get up and run off down the road. And if it tends to swing to one side – it tends to stay there a while. So, if we are currently seeing a cooling trend developing around Greenland, it seems likely this signals a period of colder climate in this area.

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