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The death of the expert

Whenever someone challenges me for not believing in this or that “expert” I have a simple response: “I’m an expert on experts – I’ve written a book** on the subject and trust me, you can’t believe experts” Of course, if … Continue reading

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First the Scottish Nazionalist Party wins, then ISIS, now the Front Nationale – what next?

According to France24: France’s far-right National Front pulled off an historic win Sunday, topping the vote nationally in the first round of regional elections, exit polls showed. What links this with the SNP massive landslide in Scotland? Is it that … Continue reading

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The theory of non-causality

In logic, there is a requirement the world is structured such that A->B which can be read “if A then B”, but is often assumed to mean: “A causes B”. As a physicist, I was indeed taught that the whole … Continue reading

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Another list of hatespeach comments by climate extremists against sceptics

A while back I started writing an article in which I wanted to be even handed and admit the debate had resulted in hurtful things being said by both sides. After a bit of research, I realised that even to … Continue reading

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An Aspiring Scientist’s Frustration with Modern-Day Academia

Judith Curry alerted me to a really good article “Here’s one way to reach a consensus“. I think very accurately describes the environment within which the global warming scare flourished and sceptical-science was repressed. Here’s a good excerpt. You need … Continue reading

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What should define the start of the next ice-age?

I’ve often wondered what will be taken as the “start” of the next ice-age. Assuming the start is fairly gradual, we’d expect to see something that either has never happened before starting to happen or something that happens quite often … Continue reading

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The Climate wars – toward a washup review.

As I said a while back (The limits of Climate Hysteria) we’ve now reached the stage in these “climate wars” whereby the climate itself is the main combatant forcing the ranks of the delusional public academia, to be dragged kicking … Continue reading

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Jesus the sceptic

It’s traditional at this time to write some pointless diatribe about crucifixion, why the Xes shouldn’t be in Xmas, 666, the Holy grail and much more, so I thought I would join in and try my luck. And as Jesus … Continue reading

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Masters of Scepticism

Officially a sceptic with my masters of Sceptism. Does that make me expert? I’m sceptical. Course content Module 1: a critical analysis of module based academic education and its inability to develop critical thinking Lecture 2: Beyond 1+1 = 2 … Continue reading

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The real difference between alarmists and sceptics

There’s a post on a blog that is not any way connected to physics which when I asked for racist comments to be removed asked me not to comment. And that is something I am happy to comply with as … Continue reading

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