The Dead Parrot

I’ve reached the stage whereby personally I don’t know of a single piece of evidence supporting global warming alarmism. That’s not to say there isn’t any  (I would probably look at either Greenland or Antarctic ice  – one of them was recently suggested to be growing. I might find a few glaciers have shrunk, but I will also find others getting larger).
However, the previous page where I listed the evidence would now be so large that I can’t personally maintain it.  I thought about changing it to read something like “everything except the following” … but that didn’t really improve things as I would still have to check on things and no doubt statistically there would be odd month which favoured the alarmists if only for a small time.
Instead, there really is only one fact:

Global warming is dead!
Those pushing the scam are like this shop keeper:
And just in case there are any alarmists left to be pedantic – by global warming I mean “the pathetic lying and distorting propaganda campaign”.

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