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The end of St.Greta Thunderpants?

Well it was fun while it lasted. We sceptics watched as a lot of gullible people, media and politicians fell for the puppydog eyes of a mentally challenged child who is such a control freak: she insisted they [her parents] … Continue reading

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The Academic Ape: Instinctive aggression and boundary enforcing behaviour in academia

Published onĀ  Amazon in Kindle version. The Academic Ape: Instinctive aggression and boundary enforcing behaviour in academia

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Is the El Nino over?

Earlier this year I proclaimed “this year global cooling”. As usual I was hedging my bets because that claim would be true even if only started to see significant cooling in December. However, looking at the latest El Nino report, … Continue reading

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Just Mental: Carrot will lose Taste due to Climate Change

“Australian scientists fear climate change will also have great impact on consumers similar to problems faced by farm lands. They believe carrots will lose its taste and steaks will be of poor quality.” (The market Business) It’s while since of … Continue reading

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Campaign to save the Climate Alarmist

There are some species such as the Passenger Pigeon or the American Buffalo that are so numerous that no thinks they could disappear and not until too late does anyone think to protect them. Back around 2007 when I first … Continue reading

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Valentine greeting

To the one I love So no excuses for sitting on the couch watching TV or reading a book, get that heart racing as

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Talk to a Climate Denier: contact Business Green

Sometimes the stupidity of the pause deniers just leaves me laughing and this was typical. I saw Business Naive had an article: Need to talk to a Climate [pause] denier? Here’s How And I was going to make a sarky … Continue reading

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Masters of Scepticism

Officially a sceptic with my masters of Sceptism. Does that make me expert? I’m sceptical. Course content Module 1: a critical analysis of module based academic education and its inability to develop critical thinking Lecture 2: Beyond 1+1 = 2 … Continue reading

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Greenblobby waste more money = Fastest video fail.

I just love watching these high cost committee produced greenblobbiest videos from the pause deniers to see just how soon they start telling lies. And I did not have to wait long. After the 10s “I did media studies” type … Continue reading

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The Green-Blobby

The greenblob is a gross overweight uncaring parasite on humanity. Now Jo Nova has gone better referring to the “Green-Blobby” – Spot on! When Owen Paterson ex minister at Defra referred to his concern about the green lobby: I leave … Continue reading

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