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Trump Allegations – Pathetic

Having covered the numerous serious allegations against Clinton, of which the most compelling are illegally and intentionally wiping emails, being completely and utterly reckless with official secrets and generally being “up for sale” & “on the grab” through the Clinton … Continue reading

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Question: Can Bernie Sanders replace Clinton?

Viewing this gathering scandal from Scotland, I assumed that whatever happens Clinton and Trump would go into the election. But then I saw this tweet: Even if you brough out #BernieSanders right now to replace #HillaryClinton, he will still win … Continue reading

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Where did the Democrats go wrong?

This was scheduled for tomorrow – but with news the FBI are opening the investigation into Clinton, the “mainstream” media are no longer going to be able to ignore the wikileaks and even they are going to realise she doesn’t … Continue reading

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Good summary of the criminal case re Emails against Clinton

Any government knows that there a numerous people from governments to hackers, to criminals who will be attempting to gain information. Having set up an email service, I tend to work on the assumption that any government could access the … Continue reading

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Clinton will be regretting not "droning" Wikileaks

This Wikileaks release, pins the blame for the illegal deletion of emails firmly on Hillary Clinton alone. In a system that is not corrupt, it would now be very easy to say what would happen because Clinton would be or … Continue reading

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Wow! It’s seldom that I hear anything from a politician in which I cannot find some glaring lie. If Clinton weren’t a criminal, if I didn’t know that US policy (on climate) hadn’t been corrupted by powerful elites AGAINST the … Continue reading

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Ring a ring a roses … Trump Trump, they all fall down

I saw a video the other day in which Trump tells a story of Clinton bumping into Trump and saying pardon me: There’s an email somewhere where Clinton says something to the effect “we better beat Trump or all our … Continue reading

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Forecast: A Trump Victory

In my last post I listed all the allegations against Hillary Clinton. But because I’m aware that I’ve been receiving an overwhelming (100%) predominance of pro-Trump (or is that anti-Clinton) tweets, I thought I should try to seek out the … Continue reading

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The allegations against Hilary Clinton

Not being from the US, I’ve been coming across a bombardment of allegations against Hillary Clinton, many of which appear so serious that it just beggars belief that she is not in jail let alone was never investigated and there … Continue reading

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Please Watch this video detailing appalling high profile corruption in Scotland

For anyone who has children in Scotland or has family or friends with children in Scotland this video will make your stomach churn knowing that it could so easily happen to any honest person. I watched it all the way … Continue reading

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