Is Zelensky about to go?

For some time we have been hearing about a massive build up of Zelensky’s forces about to attack Kherson. And, almost every day, there has indeed been some form of attempt to launch an attack, but like every day, today’s attack seems to have to fizzled out almost before it began.

This could be a ploy: to give the appearance of being unable to push an advance, so as to lull the Russians into a false sense of complacency, but this is a very dangerous tactic, because it eventually becomes self-fulfilling as Zelensky’s troops will begin believing they are done and refuse to advance whether or not they have any chance of success.

This is why, I woke up this morning with the idea that Zelensky was about to get a coup against him. That was weird because I have not read it, nor had I been thinking it, yet I woke up with the idea that there might be a coup. Which is why I was paying particular attention to today’s advance.

It may not be over today, the “advance” could happen any time, but as the weather is getting worse and Zelensky’s infrastructure is being repeatedly hit, and BuyDem needs a victory for his mid term elections, Zelensky is the one now under pressure to do something quickly, but what? The US, for whom Zelensky is fighting this proxy war, might still have shedloads of equipment they could dollop on Ukraine, but most of it is only suited to fighting for the Israelis in the Middle East. It doesn’t like the winter mud of Ukraine.

And, this war does seem to have a lot to do with the middle east, which makes the comments from the Israeli government all the more surprising. They don’t want to supply Ukraine with any of their military equipment because they believe it will land up on the hands of the Iranians. For a country that would benefit enormously if Russia were defeated, that looks to me like an admission that Zelensky hasn’t a hope of winning and is on the verge of losing to Russia: anything sent now, will get immediately captured. Which might explain why the US are unwilling to send advanced equipment as well … and there is the problem of the overall campaign leader on Zelensky’s side: General Corruption. Even if there were a peace deal, equipment going to Ukraine would still end up being sold to the highest bidder as it has in the past.

Zelensky and his US puppeteers have painted themselves into a corner. They have told the public that “winning” is the total removal of Russia … from the Russian speaking areas of the former USSR which were ambiguously created into a supposed country called “Ukraine”. But the Russians are going nowhere and simply by doing that they are now winning. Russians have dug in and now Zelensky sends wave after wave of people to fruitlessly die for the US losing most of their equipment in the process. And in Europe support for the US’ proxy war and Zelensky is fast fading making it highly unlikely he will ever get the equipment he would need to win.

Anyone in Ukraine who has been conscripted or risks being conscripted can see Zelensky is going to toss their life away and now the only way to survive is to surrender to Russia or get rid of Zelensky and his US masters.

As Napoleon said: Never Interrupt Your Enemy When He is Making a Mistake!

I cannot see any scenario where Russia loses.

Has Zelensky already left Ukraine?

As many have pointed out, since the Russians started sending missiles to destroy Zelensky’s infrastructure, all Zelensky’s appearances have been pre-recorded with green screen technology giving an amateurish appearance of being “at the action”. As a result, there has been speculation as to where Zelensky is. The options appear to be:

  1. In a bunker in Kiev. This is the least likely, because why stay in Kiev and then use green screens?
  2. In a bunker somewhere in Ukraine. This makes more sense, because Zelensky knows he is a Russian target and this is far safer than Kiev and allows him the chance to make a dramatic reappearance at some point.
  3. Hiding in another country. If Zelensky is so worried about Russian attacks, that he will not appear in public, then why even risk being in Ukraine which could soon be over run by Russia?
  4. Hiding under the control of the US. This, I would suggest, is the most likely option, whether in Ukraine or not. Because, with a strong likelihood that Zelensky will soon be out of power, the US wants to remove all evidence of their involvement. So, I don’t think they will be allowing Zelensky to roam the world blaming the CIA for not doing more to support him.

Indeed, the US will take much the same attitude to all the high up people in Ukraine. Paradoxically, the only place they will be “safe” is in Russia, and only then if they helped them out in some way, which means they need to blab everything … which is why the US is going to be after them the moment it starts falling apart.

That is why it could all go pear shaped very quickly. As soon as the leadership in Ukraine realises that the game is up, I can see a race to get to and work with the Russians. The first to do so, will get handsomely rewarded, the rest can only hope to save their skins, those that lose the race will be left to the US to dispose of.

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