First drone air “battle”?

I found this Russian post with the following video with the translated text: “The first published air “battle” of Russian and Ukrainian quadrocopters”

From the fact it is published in Russian, I suspect the Russian drone won. We don’t see the drone taking the video, however it is clear the drone in the image is quite small and the one taking the video must be quite large as there is almost no movement when the smaller drone is hit.

As drones are likely looking toward the other side, I suggest the following scenario: the bigger drone sees the smaller one, which is quite static, and does not respond, so it appears unaware of the larger one. So, the smaller one is looking down, perhaps acting as an eye in the sky for advancing forces. The larger drone is slightly above the smaller one, so in a blind spot.

The larger drone flies over the smaller one, the propellers hit the legs of the larger one and  debris can be seen flying off, the smaller drone loses control and almost certainly crashed.

To give a comparison in size, the drone in the image is perhaps 20-30 cm body length. This may be the Russian drone:


Addendum I have just read this:

The Russian reconnaissance quadcopter encountered the Ukrainian quadcopter and just stood still, while the Ukrainian quadcopter crawled under it and tried to disable it but without success, the Ukrainian quadcopter damaged itself and fell to the ground

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