New Anti-Zelensky Ukrainian group

I came across this video. I don’t speak Ukrainian, so they may be saying anything, but if the text is to be believed, this is a group of Ukrainians opposed to both Zelensky and the Russians.

This is interesting, because from a Russian military point of view, Zelensky has all the military skill of Hitler and as the drying up military supplies shows, is fast gaining the same propaganda value. So, I suspect Russia would be quite happy to keep Zelensky and certainly would not want him replaced with a competent anti-Russian leader.

Given Zelensky’s callous throwing away of Ukrainian lives, I’ve no doubt that this group will grow rapidly. There is not a lot someone forced into Zelensky’s front line can hope for except to be captured by the Russians or if not, a clean rather than a lingering death. This gives a new option: to end the war by removing Zelensky.

But, bizarrely, this might be welcome news to Zelensky. He has milked Ukraine dry of all the wealth he can extract, he is now facing inevitable defeat, and, so the only way for him to get out of Ukraine rich and “undefeated” is to have an excuse to skedaddle off to Israel to join his parents. Why Israel? Because it is possibly the only place in the world, where Zelensky will be safe from the US, who will undoubtedly try to silence him to prevent him blabbing to the world about their eight year involvement in planning and executing the war.

Why Isn’t Truss being prosecuted for Terrorism?

It has emerged, that UK “intelligence” has become the sick bag of US politics, into which any scheme that is too immoral, illegal or risky to carry out in the US is spewed to the poodles who run Britain.

For it is clear that as soon the the Nordstream pipelines were blown up, Truss was going to her masters in the US to tell them she had done it. She & everyone else involved in the UK should be investigated for terrorism, because I cannot see any way what she herself claims to have done was legal.

As for those utter contemptible immoral poodles in MI6 etc. You are US dog dirt. Were you all on Epstein Island? Is that why you roll over like poodles in the US shit?

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