A U-turn? But no cause for celebration yet.

Yesterday was one of the most important days in modern history: the publication of Liz Truss’ energy plans. In those plans she hinted at what could be interpreted as a U-Turn on Net Zero. She more or less committed the government to reducing fuel prices and admitted it was government that had created the mess through Net Zero. She also enabled the opening up of fracking. In other news, it appears that she had put an end to the covid jab for under 11s.

If, and it is a very big if, if these plans are what they suggest, then this is the beginning of common sense.

Does that mean I am celebrating? The answer is no. Because even if there is a complete U-turn immediately, there is still one huge mountain of pain to go through. The policies have already set in a massive dent to GDP, massive price rises, and through it massive social discontent. We still have the lying manipulative Biased Brainwashing Cult, pouring it vile into the ears of the public, we still have the evil of Google, doing the same and hiding the truth.

We still have a military complex pushing us ever closer to WWIII, we still have Big Pharma ready to unleash the next mega-profit pandemic on us, we still have China and Russia attacking us through the Green groups and BBC. We are not out the burning building by a long way, but at least we appear to be turning around and about to stop the headlong rush into the fire.

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