Was the Ukraine conflict triggered by Russia’s belief, rightly or wrong, that the US were in Ukraine developing viruses to kill ethnic Russians?

I came across an extraordinary document on the web with the innocuous title “Briefing on the upcoming consultative meeting of the BTWC member States

It contains the following allegations:

  • there are currently over 50 Pentagon-controlled biological laboratories modernised with its funds and located in close proximity to the borders of the Russian Federation. In total, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, the U.S. Defence Department controls 336 biolaboratories in 30 countries.
  • the focus of the Pentagon’s work does not correspond to the current problems of public health in Ukraine, the main of which are socially significant diseases: measles, rubella, tuberculosis, AIDS.
  • one of the priority tasks of Ukrainian laboratories is to collect and to send strains of dangerous infectious diseases such as cholera, anthrax, and tularemia to the United States.
  • according to available documents, 4,000 military personnel in Lvov, Kharkov, Odessa and Kiev had blood samples taken for antibodies to hantaviruses and 400 for antibodies to the Congo-Crimean fever virus as part of the UP8 project. This kind of large-scale immunity screening may have been conducted in order to assess the susceptibility of the region’s population to certain biological agents.

The implication, as I see it, with the mixed population of Ukrainian and Russian descent, is that the US were developing biological weapons that were intended to specifically wipe out those of Russian descent. Something that the Nazis in Ukraine, who have committed numerous war crimes against Russian speakers, undoubtedly would be very happy to do.


Whether it is true or just a misunderstanding, and from what we have seen about the lies in the US and the way those in the FBI do not persue Hunter BuyDem and the way all those politicians and journalists on Epstein Island are not prosecuted as part of a blackmail ring, there is no morality that the present US regime would not stoop to. But irrespective of the truth, it appears the Russians suspect the US were developing viruses which were specifically targetted at Russians, and no doubt many other ethnic groups around the world as well.

Of course, let’s also be clear, the Russians are not above indulging in their own black ops as the deliberate promoting of Net Zero in the West shows, clearly intended to repeat the destruction of UK coal (in the USSR era), but this time all remaining fossil fuels. So, it is all bluff, double bluff and treble bluff … smoke and  mirrors …

But, it would explain why the Russians behaved the way they did in Ukraine … initially targetting all kinds of places, which someone on the web helpfully pointed out, all contained US biolabs.

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