How close is nuclear war?

I’ve been looking at preparing for a nuclear war, and through that process, I’ve realised that there is one key phrase which indicates a very strong probability of impending nuclear war: when the US government start preparing to evacuate its cities.

I’ve now seen pretty unequivocal evidence that the US is indeed, preparing for the rapid evacuation of its cities, in that areas where there is absolutely no risk of natural disaster are now urging people to get ready “BUG OUT BAGS” which is a US government scheme to encourage people to be ready to leave their homes at a moment’s notice.

The reason for this, is that as soon as the US start evacuating cities, its enemy will see what it is doing and do the same. And, basically it then comes down to a race to see who has evacuated enough of the cities to risk firing the first nuclear weapons … which will be intended to destroy the Enemy before they respond, and if they do, they will only have nearly empty cities as targets (military bases will also be evacuated).

The problem is the time to evacuate a city. Take Glasgow. If we assume 40 road lanes, it will take nearly 24 hours to empty the city. But, if people take a couple of hours to pack, it will take 26hours. If however, 10% of people could be persuaded that “government are coming for you” … so that they all flee the city, they could have 90% of the city empty in less than 20 hours … which would be 2 or more hours ahead of a comparable Russian city.

In order to attempt to win this race to “first strike”, the US have decided that they want huge numbers of people, to have these “Bug out bags”, to instil this sense of impending doom and fear of government, so that they can be easily triggered to get out the cities at a moment’s notice. They … the government … will have plans to trigger the … ANTI GOVERNMENT … “bugers” to start heading out of the city and into the surrounding country, ideally before the enemy even realise the US is preparing a pre-emptive nuclear strike.

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