The reality of social media censorship and repression

This was originally a reply to someone who had been censored, which I’ve expanded:

These days, one person can program a filter that will be applied to each and every post on that social media, down grading or censoring people. And, they don’t need to censor individual words, instead they can use a scale of censoring and downrating. So, if you use specific words … your rating goes down, making it more likely to get censored/downrated. If you like certain posts, or certain posters, you again get more likely to be censored/downrated/followers kicked off.

Likewise, if you are the “virtuous class” with the “right” (wrong) views, then your reputation goes up. But, once, you have a bad “reputation”, then you too will be downrating anyone who follows you, or anyone who likes your posts or even uses the same words and phrases as you do. The whole system can be trained by a relatively small group of people, who teach the filters which words to downrate. Then, if a group with a low reputation & only that group, start using a new word or phrase … guess what happens … that word or phrase automatically gets added to not just the “more likely to be filtered”, but also “more likely to be downrated and anyone liking you to get censored and downrated”.

Now, lets talk money. These social media sites, make their money by manipulating what people see to make it appear that e.g. “most people love getting the jab” … as a simple example of an extremely large lump of money they got, from both government and Big Pharma. So, anyone using phrases that are dismissive of the jab, start having their reputation downgraded, so that they appear lower down the list of posts, so that they are more likely to get censored and not even when talking about jabs. But, just because they have posted or liked, posts that are dismissive of the jab, they get repressed, which means the posts that are seen most, all start to be supportive of the advertiser’s campaign.

And this is particularly true when it comes to the “influencers” who self identify as politicians/journalists. For a start, they get numerous posts from people they don’t know. So, they have no way to check whether those they are seeing are actually representative of what people in general are saying. So it is extremely easy for these social mafia, to ensure that almost the only ones they see, are the ones who fit the political views of the social media, and the commercial interests of those paying them. Indeed, they may also select the worst posts from those against … just to create the impression that anyone against the jab is a total moron (and let’s not forget lots of those posts where people against appeared to be morons, will be posted by Big Pharma/government agents in the first place).

So, for the last 2-3 years, I will guarantee, that all the journalists and politicians when they look at social media, have seen what appears to be totally overwhelming support for the jab. That was also true of the delusional MPs, who for months had been deluged in their social media inboxes by posts all supporting the EU … suddenly having a deluge of constituents writing to them saying how much they wanted out the EU (they still cannot filter mail). The politicians had been conned about “public opinion”. What they were seeing in their filtered view of the world, was totally at odds with the real world.

But, it is not just those influencers who the social media are paid to target… because the social media companies also know where people are located … and so they know who is in the same building … so they know who to target as “colleagues” “family” and “friends”. So, not only is the journalist, politician, celebrity, deluged by social media posts supporting jabs, but everyone they meet & know is also being targetted and deluged by these posts, designed to influence them to pay Big pharma shed loads of our money.

When the profit is tens of billions … how much can they afford to manipulate the couple of thousand “influencers” and their friends. Let’s say 10,000 accounts … that is £100,000 to £1million per account. Clearly there is plenty of money to employ people to individually tailor the social media accounts of the most influential politicians and journalists. BIG MONEY … tailor made advertising, designed by psychologists, intended to distort their minds.

And, of course … if we, the filtered, go onto social media … it knows who we are … so what we see, is not what others see of us, instead we see what we want to see. We see our own posts appearing in prominent places … when it reality, no one at all is seeing them. We see a view of what is happening as if you were not getting repressed … indeed to encourage us, they will pretend that far more people are seeing us than actually are. That means we will keep posting … despite no one seeing anything you write.

AI bots

And, this is where it gets very scary. The next phase, is AI bots, who are there to give you the impression that someone has seen your post, and is responding to your posts, even when, as a censored person, no person is seeing your posts. Yes, it will happen to everyone … we will all get inane comments that aren’t worth replying to, tailor made to respond to us … tailor made to do us down, if we say things the advertisers don’t want us to say, and to big us up if our comments fit the brainwashing narrative.

And, soon, people on social media, will be having whole conversations with bots, but not just that, bots paid by social media, to use all the background knowledge about people they have built up, to tailor make a brainwashing program, to get them to change their mind … obviously with the odd contribution from a human operator, if the person says something the bot cannot respond to.

And, then they start “attacking” those we know, our friends, our family, work colleagues. If we continue to make comments negative for the advertising campaign, they will deliberately try to wreck our social score, by manipulating what our friends and family see of us.

And, it wall works, because they supposedly “randomise” what posts appear. The reason this is done, is to make it very difficult to know whether our post is supposed to be appearing. Because there is always the excuse that “it is just by chance” that no one is seeing us. And, if we start searching for our posts … that is an obvious behaviour … so yet again, they can change what we are seeing, even on a machine that has absolutely no link to us. It is incredibly difficult to not just detect that we are being filtered, censored and shadow banned, but also to determine to what extent and how this is affecting us. Both in what other people see of us, but also how they are manipulating us.

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