Public want an end to fracking ban – I’m a sceptic

  • By a margin of 44% to 36%, the public are in favour of lifting the controversial ban on shale gas extraction, a new Savanta ComRes poll has revealed.
  • The poll, commissioned by campaign group Net Zero Watch, showed that Conservative voters were most in favour of lifting the temporary ban, with 57% in support.
  • 26% of UK adults thought ensuring national security more important for Britain’s energy policy than achieving Net Zero by 2050, with just 16% rating Net Zero as the most important factor. 

Steve Baker MP, who leads the NZSG’s Steering Committee, said:

“We now face soaring energy bills and an imperative for energy security. Technology is not yet able to allow renewables to provide that security so we must look at all the options that are available in the UK. Lifting the moratorium on fracking has more support than the Government realises and is much better than importing LNG from overseas.”

As a sceptic, I have to say: given the science didn’t support the fracking ban, nothing has changed. I wanted to win on the science, not because Net Zero was an insane policy. And, if people start changing their view “on the science” … because they don’t like the outcome, then what does that say about decision making? It just means the same non-science will eventually rear its head, when Putin’s funded green groups next get their Russian pay check to spread their vile anti-western industry and society lies. (Obviously helped by the Chinese funding woke in our Universities)

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