Current View on the Climate

I’ve been relatively quiet on the climate for a while, so I thought it was worth explaining my current position: nothing has changed. Basically there is no evidence that leads me to believe that the 20th century “change” is even a provable change, instead it may well all be due to data fiddling. And, even if it were in part or full an actual change, it is still well within the normal range of natural variation. That is not to say I would reject human caused change, although I suspect the most likely change is the reduction in SO2 emissions that occurred after the 1970s clean air acts. And, yes changing CO2 affects the surface temperature, but REALLY … the effect is quite small and overwhelmed by other contributions like cloud.

So, why am I being quiet? Firstly nothing was happening … and there was no point just waiting for the next change in climate … when nothing was happening. And I needed change to progress my understanding, specifically of the ice-age cycle. So, I may as well get on with other things in the meantime as I wait. As for action on the insanity, to put it simply: if people want to worship some insane climate cult … surely that’s their business?

But, if they want to end fossil fuel use … it’s quite clear to me that the effect is going to be a massive impact on the economy which will do far more to end the stupidity than I could achieve sitting on the internet every day. The laws of physics and economics (which I join together in a concept I call Enerconics), dictate that being stupid about energy, inevitably leads to a very nasty economic consequence. I cannot do anything about that.

And this is just what we are currently seeing … as the nutters cut off fossil fuel production, prices are rising, not just of energy, but throughout the whole economy as we enter a vicious feedback that will lead to spiralling costs and economic chaos. The effects on teh cost of energy will be massive and (if you understand what is actually going to happen) the result is a quite terrifying vicious cycle. People will die … even relatively small increases in energy costs, leads to many people dying. But what they are doing will lead to horrific consequences. And, unfortunately, until the idiots in charge start seeing mass scale deaths and economic collapse, I don’t believe they will stop being the climate nutters they are. But I am not responsible for those deaths … the eco-nutters and the gullible policies are entirely responsible for them.

I hope this explains my position. I am no less convinced of the insanity of the climate cult indeed every year the insanity increases, I grow more convinced that they care nothing about the actual science or evidence … I am just being pragmatic, that it will take the obvious calamity being caused by their insanity, for most politicians to wake up.

Let’s hope the insanity over covid leads to a rethink about the reliance on highly politicised climate academics as “experts”. But, even if not, I don’t think it will be very long before the mounting economic crisis caused by the insane climate policies forces a rethink.

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