The fall of the west

We’re not quite at the stage of burning Christians or demanding worship of the emperor, but we are now seeing the fall of the west like the fall of the Roman empire. I simply don’t have time to list all the insanities from covid, to ukraine to climate which are now occurring. The rule of law has ended, we now have government by dictate, it’s more or less accepted Buydem not only stole the US election, but was taking money from Ukraine and the US “intelligence” agencies are now openly interfering in elections and investigations like the Hunter Buydem laptop.

Basically, the totally unacceptable has now become so run of the mill, that it hardly passes for comment: “the US ‘president’ was accepting bribes …. move along”. Big pharma are bribing every politician and health “advisor” … move along. The evidence show unequivocally the lockup was a total disaster, that lives were lost, that industry was destroyed … nothing to see here … enquiry? It’ll report back after Net Zero is achieved!

Here in Scotland we have “elections” in a few weeks. In previous elections I wanted to not only vote, but take part. But now it doesn’t matter. The same crooks will get in whoever we “vote” for … indeed why bother holding elections at all? They are probably already fixed.

Corrupt policies are now openly foisted on people who never in a million years would vote for them. The media is 24/7 blatant propaganda. I could just as easily said “Big Brother is here” … except Big Brother, for all its destruction on rights and humanity was economically successful. I don’t see that happening for the west. It’s more akin to the fall of the Roman empire mixed with USSR/Pol pot Totalitarianism. Government interference in the private sector is now all pervasive, the mantra of “green” is becoming an excuse for total control over the private sector, the like of which was not even seen in the USSR. And, the result will be far worse than the five year plan of Stalin.

If this sounds downbeat …. if it seems like the cost of living crisis is getting to me … the answer it no! In a strange way, I’m quite upbeat to have been proven right that the net zero insanity is going to end in economic and social turmoil. “I told you so”, hardly does my feelings justice. You total utter braindead twerps for going along with the insanity … is getting there!

And, I can hardly be blamed for it happening … having spent >15 years trying to stop it happening. But, we live (or used to live) in a democracy … and people chose this path, and perverse as it seems, if you vote for fascist green policies …. then that is what you should get. People literally voted for the cost of living crisis, for the destruction of the western economy and society … and, if there is one think that makes democracy … it is getting what you voted for.

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